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Originating Flow (Capt)
Selector Valves: Normal
Crew Oxygen: Checked
Electics: Checked
Fire Protect: Checked
External Lights: Checked
Fuel Panel: Checked
Bleeds: Checked
APU: Checked
Ignition & Starter: Checked
Hydraulics: Checked
ELT: Checked
Pressurization: Checked
Environmentals: Checked
Ice Test: Complete
Emergency Lights: Armed
Standby Compass: Checked
Glareshield Tests: Complete
NWS: Off
Clock: Set
EFIS: CheckSet
Inst Panels: Checked
EICAS/Stby: Checked
MLG Bay Test: Complete
Upper Pedestal: Checked
T/L Quad: Checked
Avionics: Checked
Speed Switches: On
Trims: Checked
Yaw Dampers: Engaged
Source Selector: Normal
Lower Pedestal: Checked
Before Start
Passenger Signs: On
Landing Elevation: Set
Flight Instruments: Checked
Anti-Skid Test: Complete
FMS: Set
Radios: Set
Takeoff Briefing: Complete
Cleared to Start (To the line)
APU: Set
Papers: On Board
Doors: Checked
Beacon: On
Fuel Pumps: On,checked,qty
Hydraulics: On/Auto
Parking Brake: Set
Cleared to Start (Below the line)
Packs: Off
Ignition: On
*Fuel Check Valve: Checked
After Start (Captain) (To the line)
Generators: On
Ignition: Off
APR: Test
Electrics: Checked
After Start (Captain) (Below the line)
Rudder: Checked
NWS: Armed
After Start (FO)
Bleeds/Packs: Set
Anti-ice: Checked/AsReq
Probes: On
Flaps: (-.-) Indic.
Flight Controls: Checked
Before Takeoff (Captain)
External Lights: On
Before Takeoff (FO)
Fuel Crossflow: Manual
Ignition: As Required
Flight Attendant: Advised
Transponder/TCAS: On/Auto
CAS: Check/Clear
Climb Check (FO)
Crossflow: Auto
APU & Bleeds: Set
Lights / Pax Signs: As Req'd
Reversers: Off
CAS: Checked/Clr
Before Landing (To the Line)
Flight Attendant: Advised
Pax Lights: On
Reversers: Armed
Gear: Down
Before landing (Below the line)
Flaps: (0.0) Indic.
After Landing (FO)
APU: As Req'd
Txpndr/Radar: Stby/Off
Flaps: Up
Lights/Strobes: As Req'd
Probes: Off
Bleeds: Set
Shutdown Check (Capt. Flow)
Chocks & Brakes: In/Off
Electrics/Gen 1,2: Set/Off
*Fuel Check Valve: Checked
Thrust Levers: Shutoff
Seat Belt Signs: Off
Anti-ice: Off
Fuel Pumps: Off
Hydraulic Pump 3A: As Req'd
Beacon: Off
NWS: Off