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Acid Balance Waves
Permanent waves processed without heat

Has a pH ranging between 7.0-8.2

Produces a firmer curl and processed more quickly than true acid waves

RResults from the oxidation of primary alcohols there are several other chemicals in the class of highly reactive chemicals compounds composed of:




Alkaline Waves

*Also Known As*

Cold Waves

Processed without heat

The main ingredient is thioglycolic acid

Amino acids
Protein building blocks of hair, skin ,and nails
An organic compound of colorless liquid composed of one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen it has a pungent odor and is an alkaline substance Used in the manufacturing permanent wave solutions and hair lightener to aid in opening the cuticle layer

Ammonium Bisulfate Relaxer

A mild alternative relaxer, containing a low pH compatible with Thio relaxers

Base Cream


Protective Base Cream

And oily cream applied on the scalp and skin to protect client from chemicals in the relaxer
Base Control


Base Placement

The position of the total in relation to its base section and is determine by the angle at which the hair is wrapped
Base Direction
The position of the perm rod whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal within a section and/or part
Base Relaxer

Requires a base cream to be applied to the hairline and scalp; when a relaxer is labeled "Base Relaxer" it means the relaxer is too strong to be applied without the base cream

Basic Perm Wrap

also known as

Straight Wrap

also known as

9 Block

Controlled sections of the hair in which perm rods are placed in rectangular shape subsections

Bender Rod also known as Flexible "flex" rods

foam covered perm rods that are easily bent into different shapes and are used for permanent waving