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Conservative strengths

(4) GARP
Golden Age

Acceptance of PW consensus

Reorganization- e.g. Lord Woolton/RAB

Personalities- e.g. Supermac and Butler
Labour Weaknesses

(3) SID
Splits- e.g. Bevanites and Gaitskellites

Inability to modernise

Didn't take opportunities (e.g. didn't act over Suez)
What sort of splits were there in the Labour party and what were they over

Gaitskell and Bevan over prescription charges

Gaitskell and Cousins- Gaitskell suggested abandoning Clause IV and they also fought over nuclear weapons
Conservative Weaknesses- when and what

Only really towards the end of the period

"Sick man of Europe"- economy looked bad

Night of Long Knives/Profumo
Labour Strengths

Wilson looked good compared to Douglas-Home (e.g. "white heat of technology")

Unified party

Adapted to public mood ("13 years of Tory misrule")