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How do you convert a binary number to a decimal number?

Add up powers of 2 where 1 appears in the binary number

How do you convert a decimal number to a binary number?

Repeatedly divide the number by 2 and record the remainder

Within base-2, what does 0101+0011 = ?


What is occurring during arithmetic overflow?

The computer is trying to make a number that is too large, usually one represented by more than 4 bits.

What is the highest decimal number that can be represented with four bits of binary?


What is the highest number in the base-10 counting system?


What is the process of two's complement representation with regard to negative binary numbers?

The change of a binary number to its negative complement by flipping every number/bit and adding 1.

What two things require converting naturally analog representations to digital representations?

Sound and images

Define amplitude, period, and frequency.

Amplitude: height of a wave at a moment in time

Period: length of time until wave pattern repeats

Frequency: number of periods per time unit

What is the name of the action of converting something to a digital form?


What is a recorded sound wave at a fixed, discrete interval?

A sample

What is the quality of a reproduced sound determined by?

Sampling rate (number of samples per second) and bit depth (number of bits per sample)

Of the two factors of quality, what are amplitude and wave form determined by?

Amplitude: sampling rate

Wave form: bit depth

What is the name of the recording of color or intensity at fixed, discrete intervals in two dimensions?

Image sampling

What is the name of a stored picture as a 2D-grid of pixel values?

Raster graphics

What are the two types of data compression?

Lossless and lossy

Why do computers use binary?

Bi-stable systems are reliable.

What object is characterized by solid-state switches, changing on or off when given power, small size, and the enabling of computers that work with gigabytes of data?


What is the term for rules manipulating true/false values?

Boolean logic

What is a truth table?

A table laying out each possible true/false input and output for Boolean expressions.