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An operating system manages hardware, runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores,
retrieves, and manipulates files.
Current versions of Windows use DOS as the operating system.
The kernel provides a way for the user to do such things as select music to burn to a CD, install an
application, or change the wallpaper on the Windows desktop.
The Windows desktop is itself a folder.
System Information can be useful when strange error messages appear during startup.
A(n) ____ is software that controls a computer.
Operating System
In 1986, ____ was introduced and quickly became the most popular OS among IBM computers and IBMcompatible
computers using the Intel 8086 processors.
A ____ interface is an interface that uses graphics as compared to a command-driven interface.
graphical user
Vista has a new 3D user interface called the ____ user interface.
A(n) ____ is a low-end inexpensive laptop with a small 9- or 10-inch screen and no optical drive.
A ____ makes it possible to boot a computer into one of two installed OSs.
Dual Boot
A(n) ____ is the portion of an OS that relates to the user and to applications.
The OS ____ is responsible for interacting with hardware.
The ____ interface between the subsystems in user mode and the HAL.
executive services
A ____ is a single task, such as the task of printing a file, that the process requests from the kernel.
____ are small programs stored on the hard drive that tell the computer how to communicate with a
specific hardware device such as a printer, network card, or modem.
Device Drivers
The ____ is normally located at the bottom of the Windows desktop, displaying information about open
programs and providing quick access to others.
The ____ is usually on the right side of the taskbar and displays open services.
system tray
A(n) ____ is a program that runs in the background to support or serve Windows or an application.
A ____ is one or more characters following the last period in a filename, such as .exe, .txt, or .avi.
file extension
The ____ dialog box in Windows Vista appears each time a user attempts to perform an action that can be
done only with administrative privileges.
User Account Control
Windows identifies file types primarily by the ____.
file extension
Windows offers two ways to sync files: ____.
Briefcase and Offline Files
From the ____ window, you can change the read-only, hidden, archive, and indexing attributes of the file.
A(n) ____ is a list of items that is used to speed up a search.
Most PC support jobs require simply working with hardware and software.
Knowing how to effectively work with people in a technical world is one of the most sought-after skills in
today’s service-oriented work environments.
When working with a customer, your primary job is to satisfy your boss.
A help-desk call is the most difficult situation to handle when a customer is not knowledgeable about how to
use a computer.
The support technician decides when the work is done.
A ____ is the only one responsible for the PC before trouble occurs.
PC Support Technician
The most significant certifying organization for PC technicians is the ____.
____ has industry recognition, so it should be your first choice for certification as a PC technician.
When someone initiates a call for help, the technician starts the process by creating a(n) ____.
One of the most important ways to achieve customer satisfaction is to do your best by being ____.
____ customers are those where you both work for the same company, in which case you might consider
the customer your colleague
____ customers are your customers who come to you or your company for service.
To improve your attitude, you must do it from your ____.
When you’re working with or talking to a customer, focus on ____.
him or her
____ differences happen because we are from different countries and societies or because of physical
____ a problem increases your value in the eyes of your coworkers and boss.
Taking Ownership OF
To provide good service, you need to have a good ____ when servicing customers on the phone or online,
on site, or in a shop.
Begin each new relationship with a ____.
positive attitude
Troubleshooting begins by ____.
interviewing the user
Part of setting ____ is to establish a timeline with your customer for the completion of a project.
As a support technician, your goals can include ____ the user, as well as repairing the computer.
____ support requires more interaction with customers than any other type of PC support.
____ is required if the customer must be told each key to press or command button to click.
Knowing how to ____ a problem to those higher in the support chain is one of the first things you should
learn on a new job.
Organize your time by making ____ and sticking with them as best you can.
to-do lists
As a PC support technician, you can expect to be faced with installing Windows in a variety of situations.
The retail version costs less than the OEM version, but can only be installed on a new PC for resale.
Microsoft offers 64-bit versions for all Vista retail editions.
Many hardware manufacturers have chosen to not produce Vista drivers for their older devices, so it’s very
important to find out if your hardware will be compatible with Vista.
Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000, so as a credible technician you should not recommend that it
be installed on a new PC.
Upgrading to a better edition of Vista can easily be accomplished by using the ____ feature.
Windows Anytime Upgrade
Use a ____-bit OS if you need increased performance and your system has enough resources to support it.
Use ____ to find out which devices are installed in your XP system.
Device Manager
A ____ boot allows you to install the new OS without disturbing the old one so you can boot to either OS.
A(n) ____ server is used to hold the setup files on the Windows CD or DVD to a file server on the network
and then at each PC, you can execute the Setup program on the server.
A(n) ____ installation is performed by storing the answers to installation questions in a text file or script
that Windows calls an answer file.
A ____ is a copy of the entire volume on which Windows is installed to another bootable media such as CDs
or USB drive.
drive image
The Windows utility ____ is used to remove configuration settings, such as the computer name that
uniquely identifies the PC.
For some brand-name computers, the hard drive contains a ____ partition that can be used to reinstall
hidden recovery
A ____ computer is software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer.
The ____ partition is the active partition of the hard drive.
A Windows ____ is a logical group of computers and users that share resources, where administration,
resources, and security on a workstation are controlled by that workstation.
A Windows domain is a type of ____ network, which is a network where resources are managed by a
centralized computer.
An example of a network operating system is Windows Server 2008, which controls a network using the
directory database called ____.
active directory
The ____ command is used to copy the information from the old computer to a server or removable media.
The ____ command is used to copy the information to the new computer.
Product ____ is a method used by Microsoft to prevent unlicensed use of its software so that you must
purchase a Windows license for each installation of Windows.
During a normal Windows XP installation, setup causes the system to reboot ____ times.
To convert a FAT32 volume to an NTFS volume, first back up all important data on the drive and then use
this command at a command prompt: ____, where D: is the drive to be converted.
convert D: /FS:NTFS
For an always-up broadband connection (such as cable modem or DSL), select ____ when you configure
Currently, Microsoft offers four service packs for Windows XP.
Windows needs free space on the hard drive for normal operation, for defragmenting the drive, for burning
CDs and DVDs, and for a variety of other tasks, so it’s important to delete unneeded files occasionally.
Depending on how fragmented the drive and how large the drive, defragmenting it can take less than an
hour or as long as all night.
When a new hard drive is first installed in a system, you must first initialize the disk.
You can install an OS on a spanned or striped volume that uses software RAID.
For Windows XP, use the ____ to see which service packs are installed.
System Properties
To view and manually install updates, click ____, and then follow the directions on-screen.
Start, All Programs, Windows Update
To protect a system against malicious attack, you need to verify that ____ software is configured to scan
the system regularly and that it is up-to-date.
Files can end up in ____ segments all over the drive.
By default, Vista automatically defrags a drive every ____.
Wednesday at 1 am
Use the ____ command to defrag the drive from a command prompt window.
To make sure the drive is healthy, you need to search for and repair file system errors using the Windows
____ utility.
A snapshot of the system settings and configuration is called a ____.
restore point
____ creates restore points at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware.
system protection
When you back up the system state, the registry is also backed up to the folder ____.
Besides backing up user data or system files, you can also back up the entire hard drive using Windows
Vista ____.
Complete PC Backup
The user folder for an account contains a group of subfolders called the user ____.
profile namespace
If you enter a command and want to terminate its execution before it is finished, you can press ____ to do
The ____ command creates a subdirectory under a directory.
A file with a .bat file extension is called a ____ file.
A dynamic disk requires ____ MB of storage for the disk management database.
You can use ____ to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks.
disk management
When a hard drive is first sensed by Windows, it is assigned the ____ disk status.
A disk marked as dynamic can be used with other dynamic disks in a spanned or ____ volume.
If you are having problems with a hard drive, volume, or mounted drive, check ____ for events about the
drive that might have been recorded there.
Event Log
You can edit the registry and create a restore point while in Safe Mode.
Windows Vista tracks issues that are interfering with performance.
The indexing service of Windows indexer has a high priority and take precedence over other programs.
If you notice that performance slows after a system has been up and running without a restart for some
time, suspect a memory leak.
Editing the registry can be dangerous, so do this with caution and be sure to back up first!
The ____ tab of Task Manager lists system services and other processes associated with applications,
together with how much CPU time and memory the process uses.
To stop a process using Task Manager, select the process and click ____.
End Process
If your desktop locks up, you can use ____ to refresh it.
Task Manager
The ____ tab in Task Manager provides details about how a program uses system resources.
The ____ tab in Task Manager lets you monitor network activity and bandwidth used.
The ____ tab in Task Manager shows all users currently logged on the system.
You can use the ____ to find out what processes are launched at startup and to temporarily disable a
process from loading.
system configuration utility
____ is a Windows utility that can be used to build your own customized console windows.
Microsoft Management Console
A(n) ____ is a single window that contains one or more administrative tools such as Device Manager or
Disk Management.
In a console, the individual tools are called ____.
A console is saved in a file with an ____ file extension.
Device Manager reads data from the ____ key to build the information it displays about hardware
____, under Windows Vista, is a summary index designed to measure the overall performance of a
Windows Experience Index
To make sure that all hardware or software installed on the system is compatible with Windows Vista, use
the ____.
Vista Upgrade Advisor
You can use the ____ to find information about the installed processor and its speed, how much RAM is
installed, and free space on the hard drive.
System Information Utility
The ____ is responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up Windows
Windows Indexer
The ____ box can protect your system against users making unauthorized changes and against malware
installing itself without your knowledge.
To find out if programs and services are slowing down Windows startup, boot the system in ____ and
watch to see if performance improves.
Safe Mode
You can use the ____ utility to zero in on the service or other program that is slowing down startup.
Most programs written for Windows have a(n) ____ routine which can be accessed from the Vista
Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel, the XP Add Remove Programs applet in the Control
Panel, or a utility in the All Programs menu.
Errors with memory are often difficult to diagnose because they can appear intermittently and might be
mistaken as application errors, user errors, or other hardware component errors.
Driver Verifier attempts to overload the drivers it monitors, which can cause a memory error.
If Driver Verifier runs for a few days and has still not found the problem, it probably will not help you.
Using Windows Vista, you can use Device Manager without responding correctly to the UAC box.
If your hard drive is corrupted, you still might be able to recover data.
Use the Windows Vista ____ tool to deal with an immediate hardware or software problem.
Problems Reports and Solutions
If the problem happens in the kernel mode of Windows, a ____ or blue screen error occurs.
You can quickly identify a problem with memory or eliminate memory as the source of a problem by using
the ____ tool.
Vista Memory Diagnostics
For hardware problems, ____ is a Windows Vista/XP/2000 utility that runs in the background to put stress
on drivers as they are loaded and running.
Driver Verification
The ____ tool displays information about digitally signed files, including device driver files and application
files, and logs information to C:\Windows\Sigverif.txt.
File Signature Verification
The ____ tool can be used to direct information about drivers to a file, including information about digital
Driver Query
Vista configuration data is stored in the Vista ____ file.
Boot Configuration Data
The Vista Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses ____ as Vista is loading.
Registry settings collectively called the ____ are saved in the registry each time the user successfully logs
onto the system.
Last Known Good Configuration
You can use the Windows RE command prompt window to restore registry files using those saved in the
____ folder.
The ____ file is a hidden text file stored in the root directory of the active partition that Ntldr reads to see
what operating systems are available and how to set up the boot.
The ____ is used when Windows 2000/XP does not start properly or hangs during the load.
Recovery Console
In the Recovery Console, the command ____ deletes a directory.
To retrieve the last command entered in the Recovery Console, press ____ at the command prompt.
To retrieve the command entered in the Recovery Console one character at a time, press the ____ key.
Use the ____ command to repair the file system and recover data from bad sectors.
chkdsk C: /r
Enter the command ____ to see a list of all services currently installed, which includes device drivers.
Use the ____ command followed by the name of the service to show the current status of a service.
To move to the root directory, use the command ____.
CD \
A compressed file uses a(n) ____ as the last character in the file extension.
Most computer problems are simple and easy to solve.
Sometimes a Windows update solves a problem with a hardware device.
When installing a device, you must always run the setup CD for the device after you physically install the
If you can boot to the Windows desktop when using a Windows 2000/XP boot disk, you can assume that
the boot files in the root directory of drive C are missing or corrupted.
As you work to solve a Windows problem, always choose the method that makes the most changes to the
system as possible in order to rejuvenate the machine.
In the Windows Vista Event Viewer, the ____ log shows only warnings and error events
Administrative Events
Check ____ to verify that a device is enabled and Windows thinks the device should be working.
Device Manager
Errors or warnings in Device Manager are displayed as a ____.
yellow triangle or question mark
To uninstall a program, in Device Manager ____ the device and select Uninstall.
If you can identify the approximate date the error started and that date is in the recent past, use ____.
system restore
If the system is caught in an endless loop of restarts, boot into ____.
safe mode
For essential hardware devices, use the ____ to verify and replace system files.
system file checker
For Vista, use the ____ tool to search for the problem and suggested solutions.
Problem Reports and Solutions
Reverting to a ____ point can solve problems with registry entries the application uses that have become
Use the ____ tool to test memory.
Memory Diagnostic
Press ____ at startup to display the Advanced Boot Options menu.
During a reinstallation, Vista setup will move all folders of the old installation into the ____ folder.
If you have a laptop or a brand-name computer such as a Gateway, Dell, or IBM, most likely the
manufacturer has set up a ____ on the hard drive that can be used to recover the Windows installation.
hidden partition
When you see the Microsoft progress bar appear, you know the ____, including all critical services and
drivers, has loaded.
Windows kernel
The ____ Configuration is updated after you log on normally to Vista.
Last Known Good
The command ____ searches for and replaces corrupted system files.
sfc /scannow
The key that loads services and drivers can be found in the ____ location.
The error ____ is caused by a driver or service making an illegal access to memory.
The error ____ is means a bad driver or service has performed an illegal action.
After you boot into Safe Mode, you can use the ____ commands to verify system files, repair, and clean
the hard drive.
SFC, Chkdsk, and Defrag
The Telnet protocol encrypts transmitted data, which therefore cannot be read by others on the network.
When connecting to a network, by default Windows assumes static IP addressing and automatically
configures the network connection.
Wireless networks are either public, unsecured hotspots or private, secured hotspots.
When connecting to a private and secured wireless access point, you must provide the information that
proves you have the right to use the network.
Wireless networks can be secured by broadcasting the name of the wireless access point (called the
Service Set Identifier or SSID).
A(n) ____ is a 32-bit string used to identify a computer on a network.
IP Address
The IP addresses available to the Internet are called ____ IP addresses.
A ____ IP address is assigned for the current connection only.
The ____ command tests connectivity by sending an echo request to a remote computer.
The ____ command can display TCP/IP configuration information and refresh the IP address.
A____ application means one computer (the remote computer) is running the Telnet component and
another computer (the local computer) runs the Telnet component.
To use ____, you can create user accounts using the Control Panel.
The solution for securing private data traveling over a public network is a ____.
virtual private network
A(n) ____ is a group of four dotted decimal numbers such as that tells TCP/IP if a computer’s
IP address is on the same or a different network
subnet mask
A ____ is the connection a computer uses to access another network if it does not have a better option.
default gateway
If the computer you are using is a laptop that moves from one network to another, you can click the
_____ tab and configure static IP address settings for a second network.
alternate configuration
Unless you protect your computer by using strong _____ settings, your computer might get hacked.
If you select a(n) _____ network, Vista warns you about sending information over it.
If you are comfortable with Vista automatically connecting to a particular network in the future, check
save this network
To verify firewall settings and check for errors, open the _____window.
network and sharing center
The danger in connecting to unknown hotspots is that _____ and hackers might be waiting for unsecured
computers to connect.
If the access point is not broadcasting its SSID, the name of the wireless network will appear as “_____.”
A private and secured wireless access point might be configured for _____ address filtering in order to
control which wireless adapters can use the access point.
If a network adapter is installed on your computer and you need to know the MAC address, you can open
a command prompt window and enter the command _____.
Wireless networks can be secured by using an encryption key (using _____, WPA, or WPA2 encryption
DSL service and an older technology, ISDN, are provided by the local telephone company
A DSL installation works very differently than a cable modem installation.
An on-demand broadband connection that is not always up requires that a user name and password be
authenticated at the ISP each time you make the connection.
When trying to use client/server applications on the Internet, your software and hardware firewalls and
other security settings on the router will automatically allow the communication
Many software vendors use FTP sites for downloading software to their customers.
In order to activate your service, the cable company must know the ____ of the cable modem you have
Most broadband connections today are always up and use ____ IP addressing.
The logon for an on-demand broadband connection is managed by a protocol called ____.
Port ____ opens a port when a PC on the network initiates communication through another port.
For port forwarding to work, the computer on your network must have a ____ IP Address
____ is essential to keep others from hacking into your wireless data and to prevent unauthorized use of
your wireless LAN.
When supporting and troubleshooting small networks, you’ll need to use ____ to test the physical
connections of the network.
To find out what your DNS server knows about the domain name www.microsoft.com, use the ____
nslookup www.microsoft.com
A(n) ____ lookup is when you use the Nslookup command to find the host name when you know a
computer’s IP address.
Remote ____ gives a user access to his or her Windows desktop from anywhere on the Internet.
To prepare a computer to serve up Remote Desktop, you need to configure the computer for ____ IP
When a Remote ____ session is opened, all local users are logged off.
Remote ____ can help you support users and their computers from a distance.
A log file is kept of every Remote Assistance session in the ____ folder.
C:\Users\username\Documents\Remote Assistance Logs
Networking happens in ____.
To disconnect a mapped network drive, use the ____ command.
net use z: /delete
The command to flush the DNS cache kept on the computer is ____.
ipconfig /flushdns
If you have a problem with connecting to a secured Web site from a corporate network, you might be
using the wrong ____ server on the network.
You can use a regular analog phone as an Internet phone if you use a(n) ____.
You can use a regular analog phone as an Internet phone if you use a(n) ____.
Individuals are always free to decide what security measures they want to use.
It’s best to use three-factor authentication.
Internet Explorer includes the pop-up blocker, the ability to manage add-ons, the ability to block scripts
and disable scripts embedded in Web pages, and the ability to set the general security level.
Don’t use the same password on more than one system (computer, network, or application).
When you are responsible for the security of a computer or small network, make it a habit to check every
computer for which you are responsible every day.
The International Organization for Standardization has developed two documents (____), which describe,
in detail, the recommended standards to secure computer resources.
ISO 17799 and ISO 27002
For the health care industry, the ____ includes regulations to secure patient data that apply to all health
care companies and professionals
When implementing a security plan, the four steps are sometimes called the ____.
Because of the problem of losing encrypted data and Internet passwords when a user password is reset,
each new user should create a password ____ disk for use in the event the user forgets the password.
A ____ is assigned by a Certification Authority, and is used to prove you are who you say you are.
A ____ is made of several words with spaces allowed.
A(n)____ password means it is not easy to guess by both humans and computer programs designed to
hack passwords.
A(n) ____ account has complete access to the system and can make changes that affect the security of
the system and other users.
A(n) ____ account has read-write access only on its own folders, read-only access to most system folders,
and no access to other users’ data.
Folders and files stored on a workstation or server that contain user data need to be classified as to the
____ assigned to the data.
A network ____ map is one of the most powerful and versatile methods of communicating over a network.
Most encryption software products use a method called ____.
____ is any annoying and unwanted program that might or might not mean you harm.
A Trojan sometimes installs a ____ in the system, which is a hidden way to allow malware to reach the
system in secret even after the Trojan has been removed.
A ____ virus can hide in either of two boot areas of a hard drive.
A ____ virus is a combination of a boot sector virus and a file virus and can hide in either.
A ____ is a small program contained in a document that can be automatically executed either when the
document is first loaded or later by pressing a key combination.
As a defensive and offensive measure to protect against malicious software, install and run ____ software
and keep it current.
Generally speaking, the weakest link in setting up security in a computer environment is ____.
In the computer arena, ____ is the practice of tricking people into giving out private information or
allowing unsafe programs into the network or computer.
When controlling access to data folders or files, permissions to these resources are assigned to individual
user accounts or user groups.
Allowing users full control of a folder is always required by job requirements.
Permissions manually set for a subfolder or file cannot override inherited permissions.
It is necessary that all computers belong to the same workgroup in order to share resources.
If an infected computer will not boot, it might be that the boot sectors of the hard drive are infected or
damaged or the BIOS code might be corrupted.
Windows XP uses ____ file sharing by default, which means you have no control over who has access to a
shared folder or file.
When you share folders on the network, the ____ permissions for remote users need to be set.
The best way to change inherited permissions is to change the permissions of the ____.
To know for sure exactly which permissions for a file or folder are in effect, see the ____ tab of the
Advanced Security Settings box.
A $ at the end of the folder name creates a(n) ____ share.
If you name a shared folder Financial$, in order to access the folder, a user must enter ____ in the Vista
Start Search box.
The ____ command can be used to encrypt, decrypt, or recover an encrypted file when the certificates are
For a stand-alone computer that is not part of a Windows domain, the EFS encrypting process generates a
____ digital certificate to be used for the encryption.
Certificates are managed using the ____ console.
If you cannot access an encrypted file because the certificate is corrupted and there are no backup
certificates, you might be able to recover the file using a(n) ____ certificate.
Many notebook computers have a chip on the motherboard called the ____.
____ on a motherboard offers security features including power-on passwords, support for intrusiondetection
devices, and support for a TPM chip.
A(n) ____ computer is not allowed to use the network, is put on a different network dedicated to them, or
is only allowed to access certain network resources.
AV software detects a known virus by looking for distinguishing characteristics called ____ signatures.
If viruses are launched even after you boot in Safe Mode and you cannot get the AV software to work, try
searching for suspicious entries in the subkeys under ____.
You can recognize a program as a counterfeit process if it’s not running under System, Local Service, or
Use ____ to search for malware processes, especially those that mask themselves as core Windows
processes and elude AV software.
To see a list of services managed by Svchost, enter this command in a command-prompt window: ____.
The term ____ applies to a kit or set of tools used originally on UNIX computers.
In UNIX, the lowest and most powerful level of UNIX accounts is called the ____ account.