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a'broad (adv)

in or to a foreign country

a'ccompany (v)

to go somewhere with someone

'aircraft (n)

a vehicle that can fly

'backpacking (n)

travelling or camping with your clothes and belongs in a backpack

'breathtaking (adj)

very beautiful or surprising

'capable of ('doing 'something) (phrase)

having the ability or qualities to be able to do something

'continent (n)

one of the seven main areas of land on the Earth, such as Asia, Africa or Europe

cruise (n)

a holiday on a ship, sailing from place to place

de'lay (v)

to make something happen at a later time than originally is true planned or expected

'evidence (n)

something that makes you believe that something is true or exists

es'pand (v)

to increase in size or amount, or to make something increase

'fashionble (adj)

popular at a particular time

'global 'warming (np)

when the air around the world becomes warmer because of pollution

'impact (n)

the effect that a person, event or situation has someone or something

im'pressive (adj)

Someone or something that is impressive makes you admire and respect them.

'leisure ac'tivity (np)

something that you do for enjoyment when you are not working

'local 'culture (np)

the habits, traditions and beliefs of the area you are in

'magical (adj)

special or exciting

'memorable (adj)

If an occasion or experience is memorable, you will remember it for a long time because it is so good

'monument (n)

a building or other structure that is built to make people remember an event in history or a famous person

out'dated (adj)

old-fashioned and therefore not as good or as fashionable as something modern

'package deal (np)

a type of holiday where you pay a fixed price and the travel, accommodation and sometimes food are arranged for you

reco'mmend 'someone to do 'something (phrase)

to tell someone that they would probably enjoy doing something

re'sort (n)

a place where many people go for a holiday

sa'fari (n)

journey, usually to Africa, to see or hunt wild animals

'sightseeing (n)

the activity of visiting places which are interesting because they are historical, famous, etc.

'stressful (adj)

making you feel worried and nervous

'survey (n)

an examination of something to find information about it

tour guide (np)

someone whose job is to take tourists around interesting places and tell them about them

'urban (adj)

belonging or relating to a town or city

wi'thin reach (phrase)

close enough to travel to

va'cation (n)

a period time when you are not at home but are staying somewhere else for enjoyment