Analysis Of The Metropolis And Mental Life

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Carilyn Diaz Presas
Sociology 330
April 6, 2016
Paper #1
Simmel’s reading, “The Metropolis and Mental Life”, is about the way the big city affects people and people’s psyche. Simmel has a negative view on how the city changes people and it is a horrible place to live in. The city makes people unconsciously change their way of thinking and their perspective on each other. City dwellers become more reserved as in they are not open to relationships as small town folk are. So city people do not build any emotions or sentimental attachments towards others and the city. People have little to no time to socialize because they are so busy working and always trying to stay updated with whatever fad there may be. Yet, Simmel also mentions how the city frees people and gives them a sense of liberation because of all the new opportunities and
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There is an “absence of intimate personal acquaintanceship” meaning that people do not have the time or desire to build relationships with other people because they are so caught up with the demands of city life. Wirth also mentions how mankind has been removed from organic nature. There is no true definition of the word “urban” and no true definition of the process of urbanization. A city cannot be defined as urban based on its population because some characterize a community of 2,500 or less as rural and all others are urban. Yet, others may change the criteria to 4,000, 10,000, or 100,000 for population. Because of the rapid growth in population within a city, it is nearly impossible for a city dweller to know each member of the community personally. Thus, confirming Wirth’s opinion on the “absence of intimate personal acquaintanceship”. Wirth hopes that one day, the sociologist may find his proper function and help contribute to make practical problems

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