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Essential services

-mandatory-paidfor offering the whole NHS service andfor each patient interaction for dispensing

Advanced services

-optional- paidfor each patient interaction

Enhanced/ locally commissioned services

-optional-paidfor each patient interaction

Essential Services


-Repeat Dispensing

-Disposal of unwanted medicines

-Promotion of healthy lifestyles (public health)

-Sign-postingpatients to other healthcare providers

-Support for self-care

-Clinical governance

Advanced NHS Services


-Therearecurrently five nationallycommissioned advanced services:

-Medicines Use Review (MUR) andPrescription Intervention Service

-New MedicinesService (NMS)

-Flu vaccination service (from Sept 2015)

-ApplianceUseReview (AUR) Service

-StomaApplianceCustomisation (SAC) Service

-seasonal flu

Administration or Supply of POMswithoutaprescription


-PatientGroup Direction (PGD) OR Patient Specific Direction (PSD)

-Verificationof online and/ or face to face training

-StandardOperating Procedures (SOPs)

-Regularrenewal and review of training/contract

Locally Enhanced (LES) or LocallyCommissioned Services

NHSfunding has changed (PCT funded prior to 2013). Enhanced services now paid forby:

-ClinicalCommissioning Groups (CCGs)

-PublicHealth England via local authorities (Councils)


Formaltendering process for NHS standard contracts (or similar)

Serviceslocal, often for a small area (Town, City, County Councils)

LocalPharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) instrumental in keeping local pharmaciesinvolved and informed.

CCG funded

-INRclinics and warfarin supply

-Tailoreddispensing service

-LatentTB service

-Palliativecare service

NHS England funded



PHE funded (via local councils)

-EHCto young people

-Chlamydiatesting kits and condomsChlamydiatreatment (azithromycin)

-Stopsmoking services

-Supervisedconsumption of methadone/ buprenorphine


-NHSHealth Checks