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Mouth Mirror

provides indirect vision, retracts lips, cheeks, & tongue, and reflects light in


To examine teeth for decay, calculus, furcations (bone loss), and other abnormalities

Cotton Pliers

To grasp and transfer items into and out of the mouth

Amalgam Carrier

to carry and dispense amalgam

Spoon Excavator

To remove carious dentin, to remove temporary crowns


To pack and condense amalgam

Ball Burnisher

to smooth the amalgam after condensing

Acorn Burnisher

to smooth the amalgam after condensing

Cleoid (tear) /Discoid (disc) Carver

to carve occlusal anatomy into the amalgam restoration

Hollenback Carver

to carve interproximal in amalgam

Mouth Prop

to hold mouth open

Cement Spatula

to mix cement for dental procedure

Lab Spatula

to mix powder and liquid in flexable bowl


to administer local anesthetic

High Speed handpiece

to use with bur to cut tooth structure

Low Speed Handpiece

to use with several attachments

Troffelmire Retainer and Matrix Band

to maintain stability to matrix band during restoration

Saliva Ejector

to remove excess saliva, small amounts of water

Perio Probe

to measure periodontal pockets.

Prophy Angle

to polish teeth


to evacuate large amounts of fluid or debris from the oral cavity


to grasp tissue or bone fragments

Tissue Scissors

to cut tissue

Utility Scissors

to use in lab to grasp lab instruments.

Irrigating Syringe

to rinse tissue and teeth

Gutta Percha

to fill pulp chamber.

Paper Points

to dry the pulp chamber

Surgical Suction

to evacuate fluid from surgical site

150 forceps

Maxillary extraction forceps

151 forceps

Mandibular extraction forceps.

Shade Guide

to select a shade for a permanent restoration

Straight Elevator

to loosen teeth for extraction

Dappen Dish

glass dish used to hold dental material


to cut into tissue

Barbed Broach

to remove pulp tissue from canal


to suture

Dental Dam

to isolate teeth for a procedure

Dental Dam Forceps

to place dental dam clamp on tooth and to remove it

Dental Dam Frame

to hold dental dam away from teeth

Dental Dam Stamp

to stamp the hole position of the teeth on dam

Endodontic Files

to clean and enlarge the inside of the canal walls

Endodontic Locking Forceps

to grasp and transfer material into and out of cavity.

Dental Dam Punch

to punch different size hole in dental dam

Dental Dam Clamp

to stabilize dam on teeth

Curved Sickle Scaler

to remove lots of deposits from the supragingival

Ultrasonic Scaler

remove subgingival calculus off teeth

Articulating paper/holder

to check centric and lateral occlusion

Glass Slab

to mix dental cement

Impression Tray

to take impression of the teeth


to be used on high and low speed handpiece