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A ____________ refers to a researcher's application of a worldview about knowledge when studying a topic.
The worldview that links "truth" to human perceptions and use qualitative research methods is named
The sex of a fetus is determined by its
The first psychologist to challenge Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development was
Carol Gilligan
________________ is a theory that explains how people assume gender "roles" because of society's expectations.
Symbolic interactionism (correct)
Sex is a term that refers to

a. the innate biological characteristics of an individual.

b. the psychological enactment of a person's gender.

c. is most commonly associated with the terms female and male.

d. Both A and C are correct answers. (correct)

According to "The Process of Gender," the verbal and nonverbal communication of gender is called
gender presentation.
Lorber argues that the sport of gymnastics is specifically designed for
The law that forbids gender inequality in schools that receive federal funds is named
Title IX
The Lorber article describes this activity as liberating and symbolic for early feminists:
T/F: Males' and females' chromosomes are more similar than different.
T/F: The corpus callosum in the brain is larger in males.
T/F: Biology was used to keep women from having the right to vote.
T/F: Social learning theory explains how children actively seek appropriate gendered behavior.
T/F: Performativity is the daily unconscious communication of gender.
T/F: DeFrancisco and Palczewski call queer theory "overtly political."
T/F: According to Lorber, neither sex nor gender are pure categories.
T/F: In the cases of chromosomal ambiguity, male Olympic athletes are more likely than female athletes to be required to undergo genital and/or chromosomal tests.
T/F: Connell (quoted in the Lorber article) argues that men's bodies encourage hegemonic masculinity.
T/F: In Gray's Anatomy, the female body was shown only where it differed from the male.
______________ theory explains how social groups , such as gender, influence our perception and experience in the world.
According to DeFrancisco and Palczewski, our "perceptions" are our _________________.
Critical/cultural researchers believe that knowledge is subjective and _________________.
According to DeFrancisco and Palczewski, the hormone ________________ has been linked to attempts to dominate, gain power over others, and express anger.
According to DeFrancisco and Palczewski, the ______________ of gender can be playful and creative.
_______________________ is a term that is used to describe the ways that individuals communicate their gender to others.
Gender Presentation
_______________________ is a term that refers to a person's internal definition and interpretation of self in relationship to gender.
Gender Identity
____________ ____________ is a term that refers to the social role that accompanies gender.
Gender Role
Lorber citing MacKinnon suggests that in Western society, universal ____________ is male.
To discuss biological sex and gender socialization, Lorber uses ____________ and ____________ competence.
Sports and Technology
An argument to see, order, and explain the world in a particular way.
A theory that suggests that gender is determined by communication with others in society.
Symbolic Interactionism
A term that refers to the innate biological characteristic of an individual based on genitalia, chromosomes, and hormones.
The hormone that aids in the development of male sex organs.
The hormone that aids in the stimulation of low voices and body hair at puberty for males.
A set of beliefs or ideas that influence the behaviors of a society.
A psychologically, culturally, and often politically constructed term that is most typically linked to the terms man, masculine, woman, feminine, and the prefix trans.
A theory that explains why and how men and women experience "miscommunication."
Two-Culture Theory
A term that reflects the ways that individuals communicate their gender to others.
Gender Presentation
Medical sex assignment for intesexed infants has been practiced in the United States since
The theory that children are not born with a gender identity was first introduced by
John Money
ISNA is a group that advocates for the rights of
Intersex Individuals
A psychological category used by the American Psychiatric Association to describe a person's strong disassociation from their assigned sex/gender is named
Gender Dysphoria
The partial or total removal of female genitalia is named
Genital Mutilation
A collective effort to negotiate the meaning and rules of gender is named in the Finley article as
Gender Maneuvering
Finley argues that intragender relations in roller derby __________________ gender maneuvering
Norwood explains that the concept of "ambiguous loss" has been studied in all of the following contexts EXCEPT
Families who experience sudden death
In the Norwood study, families with transitioning family members constructed the following four meanings of the experience
replacement, revision, evolution, removal
According to the Harvey article, men who are excluded from all-male clubs are called
Symbolic Women
The assigning of a nick name to the core or central groups of the Bordertown team was described by the men as
Men in the Harvey study described limiting their intimate communication with one another out of a fear of
Being perceived as homosexual
T/F: According to Haas, between 1.7 and 4% of the world population is born with intersex conditions.
T/F: Initial genital reconstruction surgeries are typically performed in the sixth month of an infant's life.
T/F: In the Columbian Constitutional court case of Ramos, the court found that a child's rights were violated because of forced sex assignment at birth.
T/F: The terms transsexual and transgender mean the same thing.
T/F: Roller derby has no counterpart in male sports.
T/F: According to Finley, roller derby is scripted and staged.
T/F: According to Harvey, males who are excluded from all-male groups and activities are called "symbolic women."
T/F: According to Harvey, the formation of groups in an all-male sports environment has a de-segregation effect.
Haas describes the 1972 experimental sex assignment surgery of ____________ ____________, a male child who had accidentally been castrated during a routine circumcision.
Bruce Reimer
In her discussion of the United States' laws concerning the right of intersexuals, Haas includes the constitutional right to privacy and bodily autonomy provided by the ____________ Amendment.
According to Haas, ____________ ____________ ____________, is one of the most common forms of intersexuality and it affects children with XX chromosomes.
Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia
___________________ ___________________ is a form of masculinity that creates social dominance for men through cultural practices and marginalization of others.
Hegemonic Masculinity
According to Connell, a form of femininity that highlights the asymmetrical position of masculinities and femininities is named _______________ femininities.
According to Schippers, a form of femininity that involves communicated behaviors that challenge traditional expectations of femininity is named _______________ femininities.
According to Schippers, a form of femininity that includes communicated behaviors of hegemonic masculinity is named _________________ femininities.
_______________ is a term that is often used to describe individuals who feel they were born in bodies that do not reflect their gender identities. These individuals sometimes choose surgery to change their sex/gender.
According to Hines, _________________ is a term typically used to describe indivudals who transgress gender categories in ways which are less permanent.
According to Harvey, ___________________ _________________is a type of identity enacted by males in relationships. This identity often suggests a fear of intimacy.
Positional Identities
The unnecessary highlighting of a person's sex or gender through language is called
Wood explains that boys' games in childhood are reflected in men's adult use of language. Which of the following is NOT an example given by Wood of men's use of language?
When Luke (Gilbert article) speaks to the U.S. Armed Services, he tells the recruiter that he enjoys
Musical Theatre
Elizabeth Gilbert prepares to be "Luke" by practicing a man's walk that she "borrowed" from
A guy she went to high school with
Gilbert had to learn to do ALL of the following EXCEPT
Laugh louder
According to Martin (citing Connell), masculine bodies are a source of ______________ for men.
According to Martin (citing Young), feminine bodies are often sources of _____________ for women.
Martin observed that girls were told to be quiet and to use "nicer" voices
More frequently than boys
Martin observed that pink clothing was
Worn by a majority of girls
According to Martin, a ______________ __________________ in school produces body differences in boys and girls.
Hidden curriculum
T/F: Androgynous individuals possess qualities the culture defines as both masculine and feminine.
T/F: Mankind is an example of male generic language.
T/F: Elizabeth Gilbert was mortified at being mistaken for a boy and man throughout her life.
T/F: It was very easy for Elizabeth Gilbert to transition back to being a woman.
T/F: According to Martin, the performance of gender is typically done with language rather than the body.
T/F: In the Martin study, boys obeyed teachers' bodily instructions 80% of the time.
T/F: In the Martin study, girls obeyed teachers' bodily instructions 80% of the time.
T/F: In the Martin study, cross-gender interactions were more likely to be negative than same-sex interactions.
A _________________ ______________ is a group of people who share the same goals and practices of communicating.
Speech community
The idea that there are a variety of influences that explain men and women's language differences is named in the Wood reading as _______________ __________________ _____________________.
Gender-linked language effect
Hurt feelings that are a result of differences between masculine and feminine speech patterns is called ________________ ____________________ in the Wood reading.
Troubles talk
_________________ is a term that is used to describe the practice of wearing clothes that reflect a gender other than your own.
A _______________ ______________ is a woman who performs as a man.
Drag king
The practice of using the body as a site of gender is named _____________________ __________________.
Embodied Gender
According to Martin, covert lessons taught in schools that are often a means of social control are called ___________________ _________________________.
Hidden Curriculum