Gender Variations In Intersex

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Gender is a concept that continues to change and may never stop adapting to the culture and scientific studies which are ongoing. Everyone has a gender identity which is specific to them and no two people are the same. This allows for new concepts to be developed and unique individuals to form. We develop our gender through the connections the biological, psychosocial, and cultural components create. The biological component refers to the genetic and anatomical sex, while the psychosocial component includes the gender assigned to each individual and our gender identity; the cultural component creates gender distinctions. The different components apply to everyone but the details occurring in each component vary from person to person. Gender …show more content…
A majority of people’s gender identity is congruent with their assigned gender and their biological sex. There are many different gender variations but almost all can be defined as a disorder of sexual development and intersex. Intersex is a variation in congenital sex anatomy but is also known as a disorder of sexual development. The disorders of sexual development range anywhere from a sex chromosome anomaly to a hormonal disorder. There are many different forms of each but the most common sex chromosome anomaly for females is turner syndrome while for men is klinefelter syndrome. Turner syndrome is when a female does not have the usual pair of two X chromosomes. Klinefelter syndrome cause males to have one or more extra X chromosomes. The hormonal disorder that both males and females can have is congenital adrenal hyperplasia in which they lack an enzyme that the adrenal gland needs to make certain hormones. Gender variations are not voluntary but people are able to find what makes them feel …show more content…
Males and females have different sexual scripts but occasionally, they overlap. One of the biggest male sexual scripts that I am familiar with is that men always want sex and they are always ready for it. Teenage girls are taught this from a young age to scare them off from being in a relationship. This can cause females to have a false sense of what a man wants. There are males who always want sex but that is not a statement that is always true. A female sexual script that has been relevant in my life is that women should look like models. This particular sexual script is one that is not only being influenced by males but also by females. You hear and see this sexual script everywhere you go. I think sexual scripts for the most part negatively impact all of us. Some people believe that sexual scripts should be played out and then individuals are held to a standard that is unrealistic. Gender role scripts are how a certain gender is supposed to act in everyday life. I have seen a shift throughout my generation of people being more open and not holding people to an expectation, however, this is a recent change and has not always been this

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