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What are the 4 purposes of a healthcare facility?
1.) Health Promotion
2.) Disease Prevention
3.) Detection and treatment of disease
4.) Rehabilitation and Restorative Care
What is the role of a CNA?
Provide basic nursing care under the supervision of an RN. Some settings supervisor might be LPN/LVN.
What are the 3 main categories of illness and a brief characteristic of each?
1.) Acute-Sudden illness patient likely to recover
2.) Chronic-Slow onset no known cure but symptoms can be treated
3.) Terminal illness- Disease from which there is no reasonable expection of recover
What is the purpose of a health care facility?
Promote Health
Prevent Disease
Detect and Treat Disease
Rehabilitate and provide restorative care
What is the role of a CNA
Provide basic nursing care under the supervision of an RN or LPN/LVN
What are the three elements of a fire?
Spark or heat source
The 4 letter acronym PASS stands for what?
Fire extinguisher use
P ull the safety pin out of the fire extinguisher
A im the nozzle at the base of the fire
S pray (press the handle)
S weep the hose backand forth at the base of the fire