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1- Which country can label champagne on a bottle even if not allow in EU?
USA like California Champagne
2- Who developed purposely sparkling wine?
4- In the 18th century what method what used to color the wine?
Adding Ederlberry
5- What is unique in labeling champagne in France?
You don’t have to mention the AOP
6- Who’s Weinfurhrer?
Otto Klaebish german officer in charge of coordinate the “purchase” of champagne
7- Where the name meunier come from?
Dusty leaves like flour (meunier ->meslier)
8- Tell me the 7 AOP Cremant in France?
Crémant de Bordeaux, Crémant de Bourgogne, Crémant de Loire, Crémant de Limoux, Crémant de Die, Crémant du Jura, and Crémant d’Alsace.
9- What the name of the “A” shape wooden planks for riddling and how many holes has it? Who created it?
Pupitre 60 holes created by Veuve clicquot
10- 300 Years ago what grape represented 50% acreage in Champagne?
Fromenteau AKA Pinot Gris
11- In a vintage champagne what produce can we put in the wine who is not from the vintage?
Chaptalization, liqueur de tirage and liqueur d’expedition
12- What the rules to be part of Special Club?
General Rules for Membership
Viticulture must occur on the estate (only RM producers may join)
Vinification and bottling must occur on the estate
Members must respect and uphold the Club's charter
Official Site of the Club Trésors de Champagne
Rules for "Special Club" Wines
The "Special Club" is the top-of-the-range, prestige cuvée for all members
The Club Trésors will declare a vintage as being worthy of "Special Club" prestige cuvées, then each member may decide individually whether or not to produce a "Special Club" wine
All base wines and finished "Special Club" wines must undergo tasting analysis
All "Special Club" bottles share an identical label and bottle shape
13- What’s “collerette”?
the name of the lines of bubbles arriving to the surface of the glass
14- Express in Liquid, approximately how many CO2 escape from a 750ml bottle of champagne?
5 liters
15- Where the vines of facing in mountain de Reims? Why?
the vineyards of the Montagne de Reims are, surprisingly, divided between south- and north-facing slopes. The plain beneath the northern Montagne de Reims is too cold for viticulture, but the higher slopes of the region’s plateau enjoy a pocket of warm air that allows the grapes to ripen.
16- What is the name of the Yeast used in fermentation?
Saccharomyces Cerevisae
17- Each of those grapes bring something to the wine, fill up the blank
17- Pinot noir bring Structure and richness and Body
Chardonnay bring elegance and longevity
Pinot Meunier bring Youthful fruitiness and approachability
18- What is coteaux champenois?
AOP for white, rose, and red still wine
19- What is different in Tours de Marne and Chouilly grand cru?
Tours de marne is a grand cru for red and 1er cru for white
Chouilly is a grand cru for white and 1er cru for red
20- What was the 1st vintage of cristal?
When was it commercially relized? About the rose?1876/1945/1974
21- Who was the 1st house to label a single vineyard?
Philliponat, clos des Goisses 1935
22- What is pinot blanc vrai?
A white form of Pinot noir
1.  What is special about Tours sur Marne Grand Cru?
Red grapes only
2. What is special about Chouilly GC?
White grapes only
3. Name one premier cru village in each sub region of champagne?
Tours Sur Marne (white grapes) Vallee de la Marne, Chouilly (red grapes) in Cotes de Blancs & Parny-les-Reims/Rilly-la-Montagne in Montagne de Reims
4. What is the Special Club?
5. Name the appellation/s for still rose wines in Champagne?
Coteaux Champenoise & Rose de Riceys AOP
6. Name all grapes allowed in Champagne production.
Pinot Gris, Arbane, Pinot Blanc & Petit Meslier + the usual 3
7. Who produced the prestige cuvee Charles VII?
Canard Duchenne
8. What is tete de cuvee?
Prestige Cuvee
9. Who govern Champagne production?
CIVC Comite Interprofessional Vin de Champagne
10. What is blocage?
The reserve wines for use in future vintages.
11. What does RC on label means?
Grower who vinified at cooperative but sells under his own label.
12. What is the sugar percentage of sec?
13. In which subregion you find the most Pinot Menuier planted?
Vallee de la Marne
14. The soil of Aube/Cote de Bar is different than other region
because it has more clay than chalk.
15. What is the different between sur latte and sur point?
Pointing up and pointing down
16. What is the name of bottle format bigger than nebuchadnezzar?
Solomon, Soveriegn & Primat
17. How many bottles can a gyropallette hold?
504 bottles
18. How many liters of champagne can be made from 4000kg of grape?
19. Training methods found in Champane.
Chablis, Valle de la Marne, Cordon du Royat, Simple & Double Cordon
20. What is Echelle system?
Champagne cru rating system
21. What is bidule?
Small cup to hold sediment at bottle neck during riddling process
22. What is muselet?
Wire mesh covering crown cap
23. When can the tirage be added?
1st Jan following harvest year
24. When can degorgement be made?
Minimum 12 months from tirage
25. What is the restriction of vintage champage?
Max 80% of harvest, 100% cuvee must come from vintage year