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Which of the following word parts is a suffix A. ante B. post C. organ/o D. itis E. stoma

D. itis

In the structural hierarchy of organisma, which of the following immediately precedes the organ level A. organism B. systems C. tissues D. cells E. atoms

C. tissues

Which of the following is true regarding principles of growth and development A. thery are continuous, orderly, sequential processes B. humans generally follow the same pattern of growth and development C. the sequence of each stage is predictable D. time of onset , length, and effects of each stage are individual E. all of the above

E. All of the above

A facilitative communication technique that repeats what the patient has said to demonstrate understanding is A. accepting B. mirroring C. clarification D. focusing E. exploring

B. mirroring

All of the following are reasons for revocation or suspension of a health care provider's license EXCEPT A. conviction of a crime B. unprofessional conduct C. administering atypical treatments D. physical incapacity E. mental incapacity

C. administering atypical treatments

A standard or principle that guides our behavior regarding what is right and what wrong is a(n) A. norm B. moral C. morale D. ethic E. duty

B. moral

Which of the following word parts is a prefix A. pre B. cleid/o C. osis D. rrhea E. cephal/o

A. pre

Which of the following tissues consists of neurons A. epithelial B. nervous C. connective D. muscle E. glandular

B. nervous

Behavioral responses resulting from the conflicts of inner impulses ans the anxiety they create best defines A. defense (adaptive) mechanisms B. personality C. lidigo D. ego E. superego

A. defense (adaptive) mechanisms

All of the following are facilitative communication techniques EXCEPT A. exploring B. clarifying C. focusing D. advising E. accepting

D. advising

Behavior or an action that can be reasonably presumed to be consensual is A. express consent B. self-determination C. informed consent D. improper consent E. implied consent

E. implied consent

Telling thr truth best defines A. beneficence B. nonmalficence C. justice D. veracity E. fidelity

D. veracity

Which of the following is an ENT specialist A. otologist B. rhinologist C. audiologist D. ophthalmologist E. otorhinolaryngologist

E. otorhionlarygologist

Which of the following is considered an appenage of the skin A. dermis B. epidermis C. subcutaneous D. sudoriferous glands E. hypodermis

D. sudoriferous glands

The source of energy for satisfying the sexual urges that influence the three levels of personality A. personality B. libido C. Id D. ego E. superego

B. libido

An unconscious defense mechanism characterized be behaving in the opposite way to one's actual feelings is A. introjection B. projection C. reaction formation D. sublimation E. denial

C. reaction formation

Which of the following may require notification of the appropriate health agencies A. auto accident B. roseola C. staph infection D. strep throat E. phenylketonuria

E. phenylketonuria

Positive character traits are A. duties B. virtues C. justice D. ethics E. rights

B. virtues

Which of the following terms relates to a respiratory disorder A. MI B. HBP C. COPD D. RIH E. HIV


Which of the following best describes a bony projection A. spine B. fissure C. process D. fossa E. foramen

C. process

According to Sigmund Freud, this is the development stage focusing on physcial and intellectual activity where sexual impulses are repressed, e.g. 6 to 12 years old A. oral B. anal C. phallic D. latency E. genital

D. latency

Mimicking the behavior of another to cope with feelings of inadequacy is called A. dissociation B. rationlization C. substitution D. identification E. suppression

D. identification

Confidentiality is legally supported by the A. self-determination act B. health care quality improvement act C. americans with disabilities act D. standards of care act E. privacy act

E. privacy act

Disclosinbg unpleasant information to a patient is best supported by the ethical concept of A. duty B. right C. nonmaleficence D. justice E. veracity

E. veracity

Which of the following terms relates to a gynecological disorder A. epididymitis B. salpingitis C. stomatitis D. rhinitis E. vasitis

B. salpingitis

Turning a body part inward, especially the sole os the foot is A. flexion B. abduction C. circumduction D. eversion E. inversion

E. inversion

Psychosexual stage that focuses on attaining a mature sexual relationship A. oral B. anal C. phallic D. latency E. genital

E. genital

The reasons a patient may desire to continue the sick role is A. fear of reestablishing reponsibility B. financial gain such as Workers' Compensation C. to generate sympthy and attention D. (A) and (B) only E. (A), (B), and (C) only

E. (A), (B), and (C) only

Confidentiality is ethically supported by the concept of A. beneficence B. nonmaleficence C. fidelity D. all of the above E. none of the above

D. all of the above

Informed consent is most related to the concept of A. justice B. autonomy C. role fidelity D. code of ethics E. benevolent deception

B. autonomy

Which of the following terms is spelled incorrectly A. sinusitis B. hysterectomy C. arteriosclerosis D. lymphadenopathy E. rabdomyoma

E. rabdomyoma

The right atrioventricular valve is known as the A. bicuspid B. mitral C. semilunar D. tricuspid E. aortic

D. tricuspid

The psychosexual stage where the Oedipus or Electra complex will most likely occur A. oral B. anal C. phallic D. latency E. genital

D. phallic

All of the following may be considered losses associated with adopting the sick role EXCEPT A. autonomy B. privacy C. mobility or function D. normal appearance E. none of the above

E. none of the above

A civil wrong committed against other persons or their property is A. a tort B. a breach of contract C. negligence D. malpractice E. assault and battery

A. a tort

An argument supporting not disclosing unpleasant information to a patient for his own good is A. veracity B. duty C. deception D. benevolent deception E. justice

D. benevolent deception

Unclear vision caused by hardening of the crystalline lens common among the ederly is known as A. diplopia B. presbyopia C. amblyopia D. myopia E. hyperopia

B. presbyopia

The structure known as the voice box is the A. pharynx B. larynx C. epiglottis D. oropharynx E. nasopharynx

B. larynx

The pyschosexual stage where fixation may create mistrust along with nail-biting, drug abuse, smoking, and overeating A. oral B. anal C. phallic D. latency E. gential

A. oral

Methods of discovering what is improtant to a patient include A. asking the patient B. observing the patient behavior C. asking family and friends D. reviewing the medical chart E. all of the above

E. all of the above

A health-care provider who guarantees the outcome of a course of treament may be in jeopardy of committing A. a tort B. a breach of contract C. negligence D. malpractice E. assault and battery

B. a breach of contract

A malingerer or hypocohondraic may be inappropriately labeled a A. crock B. gork C. GOMER D. vegetable E. gimp

A. crock

Inflammation of the gallbladder is known as A. cholelithiasis B. colitis C. cholecysitis D. cysitis E. cholelithectomy

C. cholecysitis

A fingerlike projection of the soft palate is a(n) A. uvula B. frenulum C. epiglotttis D. villi E. cilia

A. uvula

The psychosexual stage where toliet training provide pleasure and control A. oral B. anal C. phallic D. latency E. gential

B. anal

Adopting the view of other persons relative to their situation and experience is known as A. empathy B. symphathy C. reinforcement D. projection E. introjection

A. empathy

Negligence of a professional person is known as A. nonfeasance B. misfeasance C. malfeasance D. criminal negligence E. malpractice

E. malpractice

Suicide is often viewed as A. an act against God B. socially irresponsible C. a sign of insanity D. a way of "copping out" E. any of the above

E. any of the above

Radiographic study involving the urinary system is called A. intravenous pyelogram B. intravenous infusion C. intravenous cardiogram D. intravenous injection E. intravenous feeding

A. intravenous pyelogram

The structure that houses the glomerulus is the A. loop of Henle B. proximal convoluted tubule C. Bowman's capsule D. distal convoluted tubuke E. collecting duct

c. Bowman's capsule

Erik Erikson's Theory of Psychosexual Development consists of how many stages A. four B. five C. six D. seven E. eight


Which of the following will most likel promote the perception of professional competence A. shaking when performing a procedure B. behaving in a nonchalant manner C. poor enunciation D. lack of eye contact E. appearing confident

E. appearing cinfident

The least serious degree of negligence is A. Minor B. Ordinary C. Inconsequential D. Gross E. Misdemeanor

B. Ordinary