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The threat of touching someone without permission is called


Term that refers to a condition of insufficient blood-clotting cells


Which does not represent carbohydrates

Oats, Corn, Lettuce, Milk, or Fish


Most individuals who experience the impending death of a loved one initially experience which emotion as part of the grieving process?


The portion of the brain that's responsible for balance and movement.


What is not part of effective communication?


The artery that carries oxygenated blood to the body pumped from the left ventricle is called the


Therapeutic communication differs from normal, everyday communication in that it

Involves special skills

Facts about Arbitration

It can prevent a lengthy trial

Both parties must agree to it

It is binding

A third party attempts to bring settlement

It may be used in malpractice cases

Term for "fast heartbeat"


An MA would use word processing software to create


Before seeing the physician, patients should not have to wait longer than

15 to 20 min

An outguide is a

Place maker

Before choosing which facility to refer a patient, always verify the patient's


When opening and processing mail what would qualify as last priority?

Magazines and newspapers

All filing equipment must be located

In a secure area

A disadvantage of the wave scheduling system is that

Patients become annoyed because they have appointments at the same time.

A record of all employees and their earnings, deductions, and other information is called

Payroll register

The policy section of the policy and procedures manual includes the

Office hours

Which of the following reflects the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine?

Specific gravity

What should the MA NOT do when preparing the patient for an exam?

Reassure the patient that everything will be okay.

How are tympanic thermometers used to measure temperature?

In the ear

Symptoms of shock include

Hypotension and a weak thready pulse

A wound that does not heal as expected due to infection is said to heal by

Second intention

Which of the following represents the morphology of cocci bacteria?


The three most important factors in performing a hand wash are

Friction, soap, and warm running water

When an elderly patient falls unconcious in a crowded waiting room, the MA's first action should be to

Check the patient's airway

If the physician is performing a routine bimanual pelvic exam, what should the MA have available?

Exam gloves and water-soluble lubricant