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the act of self determination by persons with the ability to make a choice or decision. ____ exists for both the dental hygienist and the patient.
doing good for a benefit or enhanced welfare
involves the rights of patients to privacy; a a duty of dental hygienists is to protect privileged communication
basic values of a profession; guide to choices or actions by implying a preference for what is deemed to be acceptable in the profession
Core Values
a problem that involves two morally correct choices or courses of action. there may not be a single answer and, depending on the choice, the outcomes can differ.
Ethical Dilemma
a common problem wherein a solution is readily grounded in the governing practice act, recognized laws, or acceptable standards of care. Decisions involving ethical issues are generally more clearly defined than are dilemmas.
Ethical issue
a sense of moral obligation; a system of moral principles that governs the conduct of a professional group, planned by them for the common good of people; principles of morality.
fair treatment according to an equitable distribution of benefits and burdens; impartiality; a core value.
Justice/ Fairness
A principle or habit with respect to right or wrong behavior
avoidance of harm to others; a core value.
expectations by the patient that correlate with the duties of a professional when providing care
maintaining a bond of trust in the relationships between the dental hygienist and patients, other professional persons, and the public
Societal trust
a duty to tell the truth when information is disclosed to patients about treatment.
Character trait; one must intend to act virtuously as a professional. Examples include honesty, compassion, care and wisdom.