Ethical Experience Essay

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Ethical Experience Essay
Xuefeng Bi
DH 46: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
Lygia Jolley, RDH, BA
January 2, 2018

INTRODUCTION Dental hygienist as a health care provider is granted special rights and responsibilities to the patient by education and skills. As we are providing educational, preventive and therapeutic services to the public, patients are seeking the best care from a professional and ethical practitioner. Ethical dilemmas will be part of the dental hygienist’s daily job, as it has situations with varied ethical considerations and complexities. This essay will discuss the ethical issue and the importance of following standard precautions to treat patients who have communicable disease.
Unethical and immoral discrimination has continued to increase in dentistry despite the existence of relevant policies and laws to protect individuals who have communicable medical problems like people who are suffering from HIV-positive or Hepatitis C. Being in dental hygiene program for a year has allowed me to experience first-hand the hardships patients and family members have to deal with after being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition upon seeking dental services. After doing some brief research, unethical conducts in the health centers which involve dental services still occurs despite multiple laws against it.
Concrete Experience. A dental hygiene student was assigned to an extramural site where dental care was provided to

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