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1) Which characterizes most friendships?
A.. theyre based on choice and high reciprocity.
2) People tend to have the most acquaintances/friends during
B.. young adulthood
3) Sanfords friendships tend to be based on self- disclosure and intimacy. Exemplifies the ___ component of friendship
D.. affective
4) Mens friendship activities most often involve
A.. friendly competition
5) The text authors suggest that the stong intimate sharing component which characterizes female friendship but not male friendships, is due to females having more comfort with their
D.. vulnerability
6) When discussing his new girlfriend Mickey says I can tell her everything about myself. Feels __ toward girlfriend
D.. intimacy
7) Which is not one of the three components of love according to Sternberg?
8) The assortative mating theory proposses that initial male selection is based primarily on
A.. similarity
9) Kalminjn Flap found that __ tended to promote strong homogamy in relationships.
C.. meeting in school
10) When Cleo says perhaps anthony and i could be a couple because we both come from the same upper class. Appears to be in Mursteins ___ stage of couple formation.
B.. stimulus
11) Research on the biology of physical attraction suggest that neurochemicals related to __ underlie the feeling of exhiliration that often is experienced when you fall in love
C.. amphetamines
12) Low levels of physical aggression are found in about __ of individuals in committed relationships.
C.. 25%-40%
13) By definition, patriarchal terrorism must
A.. be initiated by a man
14) Which statement about marriage singlehood and sex is true in the US
B.. Males marry at a later age
15) Which statement concerning blacks european americans and latinos in Us is true
A.. blacks are most like to be single during young adulthood
16) Ken and Barbie are sexually active singles who are discussing the idea of moving in together. Theyre contemplating
C.. cohabitation
17) Compared to 1970 the number of cohabitating couples in the US had __ by the yr 2000
D.. increased significantly
18) Part time or limited cohabitation is usually undertaken because of
C.. convenience or sexual accessibility
19) The primary diff. bw limited and premaritial cohabitation involves
A.. intention to marry
20) Which best describes the relationship bw gay and lesbian relationships versus heterosexual relationships
A.. homosexual more likely to argue over former lovers
21) Elliot and Elizabeth and both politcally liberal, vegetarian, like to socialize and are agnostic. Which concept best describes these similarities?
B.. homogamy
22) Homogamy is __ with maritial satisfaction
B.. positively related
23) According to exchange theory, the key factor in determining whether an exchange will increase maritial satisfaction is the
D.. percieved equity of the exchange
24) Which statement concerning children and maritial satisfaction is true?
D..Birth of a child usualyl viewed as positive event though associated with decrease in maritial satisfaction
25) Vaughn and Helen are both 55 and have been married for 20 years. However, they have grown apart, are emotionally divorced, and essentially live as housemates. Vaughn and Helen are best classified as
A.. married singles
26) Financial issues best fir into the __ determinent categorry of the childbearing decision.
C.. lifestyle
27) Which statement concerning Latino families is true?
A.. familism is a defining characteristic of latinos
28) In the Us the out of wedlock birthrate
A.. is highest in African Americans
29) Expression of negative emotions toward a spouse is positively correlated with
A.. early divorce
30) Which factor seems to be best predictor of healthy postdivorce relationship?
D..low preoccupation with the ex spouse