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Kjeldahl's procedure for total protein is based upon the premise that
the nitrogen content of proteins is constant
the term "biuret reaction" refers to
coordinate bond btwn Cu2+ & carboxyl and amino groups of biuret
which statement about the biuret reaction for total protein is true
polypetides & compounds w/ repeating imine groups react
which of the following protein methods has the highest analytic sensitivity
Folin lowry
which of the following statements regarding proteins is true
total protein & albumin are about 10% higher in ambulatory patients
hyperalbuminemia is caused by
dehydration syndromes
high serum total protein but low albumin is usually see in
multiple myeloma
which of the following condtx is most commonly ass w/ elevated level of total protein
which of the following dyes is the most specific for mz of albumin
BCP - bromcresel purple
which of the following factors is most likely to cause a falsely low result when using the BCG dye binding for albumin
the presence of penicillin
at pH 8.6 proteins are _____ charged & migrate towards the ______
electrophoretic movement of protein toward the anode will be made to decrease by increasing the
ionic strength of the buffer
at pH 8.6, the cathodal movement of gamma (Y) globulin is caused by
which of the following condtx below will prevent any migration of protein across an electrophoretic support medium such as agarose
loss of contact btwn a buffer chamber & the medium
which of the proteins listed below has the highest pH
which of the proteins listed below migrates in the beta region at pH 8.6
which of the following is one advantage of high resolution (HR) agarose electrophoresis over lower current electrophoresis
high resolution procedures detect monoclonal & oligoclonal bands at a lower concentration
which of the following condtx is ass w/ Beta gamma (BY) bridging
hepatic cirrhosis
which support medium can be used to determine the molecular weight of a protein
polyacrylamide gel
which of the following stains is used for lipoprotein electrophoresis
oil red O
which of the following serum protein electrohporesis result suggested an acute inflammatory process
albumin - decrease
alpha 1 - increase
alpha 2 - increase
Beta - normal
gamma - normal
which of the following condtx is usually ass w/ an acute inflammatory pattern
myocardial infarction (MI)
what is the clinical utility of testing for serum prealbumin
serial low level indicate compromised nutritional status
which serum protein should be measured in patient suspected of having Wilson's disease
a pat w/ hemolytic uremic syndrome ass w/ septicemia has a normal haptoglobin level although the plasma free HGB is elevated & hemoglobinuria is present - which test would be more appropriate than haptoglobin to mz this pat's hemolytic episode
quantitative determination of HGB A2 is best performed by
column chromatography
HGB F concentration is usually mz by
alkali denaturation of HGB A and HGB A2
Select the correct order of HGB migration on agarose or cellulose acetate at pH 8.6
-- C-->S-->F-->A +
which of the following abnormal HGBs migrates to the same position as HGB S on agarose or cellulose acetate at pH 8.6
HGB D punjab
which HGB is a Beta-Delta chain hybrid & migrates to the same position as HGB S at pH 8.6
HGB lepore
select the correct order of HGB migration on CITRATE agar at pH 6.2
-- F-->A--->S--->C +
which HGB separates from HGB S on citrate (acid) agar but not on agarose or cellulose agar
HGB D punjab
in double immunodiffusion reactions the precipitin band is
concave to the protein of greatest molecular weight
which statement best describes immunofixation electrophoresis (IEF)
proteins are separated by electrophoresis followed by overlay of monospecific anti-immunoglobulins
which of the following statement regarding the identification of monoclonal proteins by IFE is true
when testing for monoclonal gammopathy, both serum & urine must be examined
which statement regarding IFE is true
CSF should be concentrated 50 to 100 fold before performing IFE
which of the following statement regarding IFE is true
oligoclonal banding is seen in the CSF of more than 90% of multiple sclerosis cases
detection of isoemz bands following electrophoresis is facilitated by
adding substrates to th gel & mz catalytic activity
which isoemz of CK has the fastest electrophoretic mobility at pH 8.6
capillary electrophoresis differs from agarose gel elecrophoresis in which respect
a stationary support is not used
select the order of mobility of lipoprotein electrophoresed on cellulose actate or agarose at pH 8.6
-- Chylomicrons-->Beta---> pre-Beta--> alpha +
following ultracentrifugation of plasma, which fraction correlates w/ pre-B lipoprotein
VLDL - very low density lipoprotein
select the lipoprotein fraction that carriers most of the endogenous triglycerides
the protein composition of HDL is what percentage by weight
broad (floating) B lipoprotein occurs in familial B-dyslipoproteinemia (type III hyperlipoproteinemia) & consist of
which of the following mechz accounts for the elevated plasma levels of B-lipoproteins seen in familiar hypercholesterolemia (type II hyperlipoproteinemia)
ApoB 100 receptor defect
which emz defcy is most commonly ass w/ familial hypertriglyceridemia, which is ass w/ fasting plasma chylomicrons (type I hyperlipoproteinemia)
postherparain activated lipoprotein lipase defncy
which of the following condtx is most consistently ass w/ secondary hypercholesterolemia (type II lipoproteinemia)
which of the following is ass w/ Tangier's disease
apoprotein A-I defncy
what is the formula for LDL calc
LDL chol = TC - (HDL + TG/5)
which of the following formulas correctly estimates the BLDL cholesterol
serum trig divided by 5
which is the screening procedure for adults recommended by National Cholesterol Ed Program, to eva risk for atherosclerosis
lipid profile, fasting every 5 years
what is the most appropriate fasting procedure when a lipid study of trig, TC, HDL & LDL tests are ordered
12 hours, nothing but water allowed
select the cutpoint value for serum or plasma LDL chol in a person w/ history of coronary heart dz in whom therapeutic lifestyle changes should be initiated
>100 mg/dL
what is the HDL chol cutpoint recommend by the NCEP
<40 mg/dL
an EDTA blood sample is collected from a nonfasting person for a CBC, the doc collected the sample from the femoral vein cz venipuncture from the arm was unsuccessful. he called the lab 15 mins after the sample arrive & request a lipid studying inc TRIG, TC, HDL & LDL - which test results should be used to eva the pat's risk for coronary artery disease
TC and HDL cholesterol
which of the following dz is caused by a deficiency of SPHINGOMYELINASE
Niemann Picks disease
which method is considered the candidate reference method for TRIG measurement
CDC modification of Van Handel & Zilversmit
which of the following emz is common to all emz methods for TRIG measurement
glycerol kinase
select the reagent needed in the coupling emz rtx used to generate a color product in the cholesterol oxidase method for chol
which of the following method for HDL chol is the reference method
cholesterol esterase is used in emz assays to
hydrolyze fatty acids bound to the 3rd carbon atom of cholesterol
which of the following reagents is used in the direct HDL chol method
sulfate cyclodextrin
what do "direct" or homogenous method for LDL chol ass have in common
all use a detergent to facilitate selective reactivity w/ reagent emz
what is the purpose of the saponification step used in the Abell Kendall method for chol mz
convert chol esters to free cholesterol
lipoproteins (a) or Lp(a) is important when elevated in serum because
is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis
which type of dietary fatty acid is not ass w/ increase in serum LDL chol production
monosaturated cis-fatty acids
lab results shows as follow what do you do next
TC = 220 mg/dL
HDL chol = 40 mg/dL
TRIG = 420 mg/dL
perform a direct LDL chol assay
a person has a fasting TRIG of level of 240 mg/dL, the doc wishes to know the patients non HDL chol level, what chol fraction should be measured
TC and HDL cholesterol