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What is accurate?
Degree of agreement between the true value and the meassured value.
define Chemical Property?
Causing a change in composition & only be observed through a chemical reaction.
What is chemical reaction?
Process of rearranging, removing & replacing atoms to produce a new substance.
Define Chemistry?
Is the study of matter, its chemical and physical properties, the chemical and physical changes it undergoes, and the energy that accompany those processes.
What is Compound?
A substance resulting from the combination of two or more elements in a defined, reproducable way, in a fixed ratio.
Define Concentration?
Is a measure of the number of particales of a substance, or the mass of those particles, that are contained in a specified volume.
What is data?
is the individual result of a single measurement or observation.
Define density?
is the ration of mass to volume.
what is a element?
a pure substance that cannot be changed into a simpler form of matter by any chemical reaction.
what is energy?
ability to do work to accomplish some change.
what is an error?
the differance between the true value and our estimation or meassurement of the value.
what is the extensive property?
Property of matter that depends on the quantity & mass.
what is the gasouses state?
matter with particles widely spread, no defined shape or volume.
what is a heterogeneous mixture?
mixture of ununiform composition.
what is a homogeneous mixture?
has a uniform composition an particles are well mixed.
Define hypothesis?
simply an attempt to explain an observation, or a series of observations, in a common way.
What is intensive properties?
are independent of the quanity of a substance.
WHat is kinetic energy
is energy of motion.
Law is what?
summery of a large quantity of information
what is the liquid state?
PArticles are closer together has a defined volume but no defined shape.
Define mass?
is the quantity of matter in a givin object.
what is matter?
anything that has mass or occupies space.
What is mixture?
A combination of 2 or more substances in which each substance retains its identity.
what is physical change?
Produces a recognizable differance in apperance of a substance, without causeing change to its composition.
What is physical property?
observation without changing the composition, or identity of a substance.
Potential energy is what?
is the energy of position/ stored energy.
define precision?
a measure of the agreement of a replicate measurement.
Properties are what?
either physical or chemical.
what is pure substance?
has only one compound.
what is a result?
outcomes of experiments.
what is the scientific method?
consists of six interrelated processes, observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, data analisis, theory, law.
scientific notation is what?
used to express very large or very small nubers easilly and with the correct number of sig. fig.
Sig. fig. is what
information bearing digits or figuers in a number are significant figures.
what is the solid state?
PArticles are veryclose together has defined volume and shape.
Specific gravity is what?
the ratio of density of object in question to the desity of pure water.
tempuratur is what?
degree of hotness of an object.
what is theory?
is a hypothesis supported by extensive testing
What is uncertainty?
is the degree of doubt in a single measurement.
unit is defined as?
basic quantity of mass, volume, time, temp, an so on.
weight is defined as?
the force of gravity on an object.