Difference Between Mixture And Homogeneous Mixtures

Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mixtures

Objectives: To understand definition of mixture and types of mixtures, i.e Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mixtures
Matter is, made up of small particles (solid, liquid or gas). These small particles make up substances that can be pure substances such as Mercury, Iron, gold biscuits or mixtures such as air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink. A substance is a kind of matter that cannot be separated into other kind of matter by any physical process. For example sugar or salt solution, air, water, water in oil.
A pure substance consists of a single type of particles (Elements and Compounds).Mixtures are substances formed when different kinds of particles come together. When a substance consists of
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They are Homogeneous mixture and Heterogeneous mixtures.A homogeneous mixture has a same composition of throughout its mass. It has no visible (physically distinct) boundaries of separation between various components. It has only one phase with similar properties throughout the mixture. Homogeneous mixture is stable, as the particles do not settle down.For example, sugar solution and salt solution, water in alcohol, sulphur in carbon disulphide, copper sulphate in water, blood, orange juice. The composition in a homogeneous mixture may vary, for example, a glass of water may contain 1 spoon, 2 spoons or 3 spoons of salt, and can be said to be …show more content…
Mercury can be considered as ____. a) Compound b) Element c) Homogeneous mixture d) Heterogeneous mixture e) Solution

Hint: Recall the categories of matter.

Explanation: Matter is of two types, pure substances and mixtures. Pure substances include elements and compounds. Mercury is an element.

Correct answer is - b

7. Which among the following combinations represents a heterogeneous mixture? a) Soda water, orange juice, wood, soil b) Soda water, air, wood and soil c) Air, wood and soil d) Oil in water, wood and soil e) Sugar water, soda water and orange juice.

Hint: Check the components and relate it to heterogeneous definition.

Explanation: Of all the given mixtures only oil in water, wood and soil represent heterogeneous mixture.

Correct answer is - d

8. An ocean can be considered as an example of ____. a) Element b) Compound c) Homogeneous mixture d) Heterogeneous mixture e) Pure substance

Hint: Think about the substances present in ocean.

Explanation: Ocean consists of salt, water, pebbles, sand and many more things (soluble and insoluble) in it. So, Ocean is a Heterogeneous mixture.

Correct answer is - d

9. Which one among the following represents a homogeneous matter, pure substance and an

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