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Alchemy was the earliest understanding of today’s chemistry. These two display
Is Alchemy Chemistry? different pathways of thinking and rationalising rather than two diverse concepts. The practice of alchemy is the basis of chemistry, as it was a vital role of origin and evolution towards chemistry we know today. The comprehension of both alchemy and chemistry will aid in order to establish their connections and difference of opinion or belief. Discovering both histories of the two concepts will allow for a comparison and the discussion of their differences. Furthermore, forwarding attention to a type of modern day alchemy in the form of homeopathy will allow for relevant research to be of assistance, providing a practical interpretation of
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Due to chemistry’s vast concept of matter, it is able to establish links to other forms of science, receiving the title of the central science. Therefore, the complexity of chemistry has its many areas of study which are broken down into five individual branches. Analytical chemistry attempts to determine the exact chemical compositions of substances through the measuring the physical and chemical properties of matter. Physical chemistry is the combination of chemistry and physics analysing the physical make up of chemical properties and the interactions between energy and matter. Organic chemistry, is heavily based on the element of carbon and its relation with life. Due to carbon’s complex and unique properties molecules that make up living tissue have carbon as an essential part of their composition, hence the given name of organic chemistry the “Chemistry of life.” In contrast Inorganic chemistry focuses on the study of materials in which do not have carbon as part of their property, for example gases and metals. Finally biochemistry the last branch that focuses on the studying of living organisms and their chemical processes. The basis of methods addressed in chemistry are structured through a process to gain knowledge through hypothesising and the development of theories based on the collected data of results. Where “observations are …show more content…
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