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What is the body's initial response to injury?
Inflammatory response
What type of inflammation occurs if the injury is minimal and brief and the source is removed from the tissue?
In the inflammatory response, the first microscopic event is"
constriction of the microcirculation
What is a chronic inflammatory lesion?
A. Necrotizing sialometaplasia
B. Periapical granuloma
C. Aphthous ulcer
D. Aspirin burn
Periapical granuloma
The directed movement of WBCs to the area of injury is called
Which cells are most common in chronic inflammation?
Lymphocytes and plasma cells
What is not a function of macrophages?
A. Phagocytosis
B. Removal of large foreign matter
C. Removal of inhaled particles
D. Formation of antibodies
Formation of antibodies
What term is used to describe blood plasma and proteins that leave the blood vessels and enter the surrounding tissues during inflammation?
The process of phagocytosis directly involves
Ingestion of foreign substances by WBCs
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT concerning the neutrophil?
A. Makes up 30% of WBCs
B. contains lysosomal enzymes
C. Is a cell whose main function is phagocytosis
D. Has a multilobed nucleus
Makes up 30% of WBCs
During the process of inflammation, the second type of WBC to emigrate from the blood vessel to the injured tissue is the
Components of the complement system mediate the inflammatory process by
causing cytolysis of cells
2 days after injury, granulation tissue can be described as
Immature vascular connective tissue
The enlargement of superficial lymph nodes that occurs as a systemic sign of inflammation is
Caused by changes in their lymphocytes
Which statement concerning repair in the body is true?
A. repair can be completed with the injurious agents present
B. functioning cells and tissue components are always replaced by functioning scar tissue
C. Repair always results in regeneration
D. The process of repair is initiated by the inflammatory response
The process of repair is initiated by the inflammatory response
The clot that forms during repair
Serves as a guide for migrating epithelial cells
Healing by secondary intention refers to healing of an injury when
The patient has increased formation of granulation tissue
An increase in the size of an organ or tissue resulting from an increase in the number of cells is termed
Normal bone tissue repair can be delayed by
Inadequate movement of bone tissue
What would appear as a pigmented lesion?
Amalgam tatoo
Which of the following statements is false?
A. Attrition is the wearing away of tooth structure during mastication
B. Bruxism is the same as mastication
C. Erosion is the loss of tooth structure resulting from chemical action
D. Abrasion is caused by mechanical repetitive habits
Bruxism is the same as mastication
Loss of tooth structure associated with bulimia is caused by
An aspirin burn
results from the misuse of aspirin
A patient has generalized white appearance of the palate. Tine erythematous dots can be seen, surrounded by a thickened raised white-to-gray area. Overall the palate appears wrinkled. This is most likely
Nicotine stomatitis
The primary and most common cause of a mucocele is
Severing trauma to a minor salivary gland duct
A ranula is located on the
Floor of the mouth
Which of the following would not occur of the gingiva?
A. Irritation fibroma
B. Pyogenic granuloma
C. Giant cell granuloma
D. Epulis fissuratum
Epulis fissuratum
Generalized loss of tooth structure primarily on the lingual surfaces of maxillary teeth is associated with
External tooth resorption occurs as a result of
What is a most likely cause of necrotizing sialometaplasia?
loss of blood supply
The most common place for a mucocele to occur is
Lower lip
The peripheral giant cell granuloma only occurs on the
gingiva or alveolar mucosa
A sialolith is
A salivary gland stone
Which of the following is false?
A. A periapical cyst develops from a periapical granuloma
B. A periapical abscess always causes radiographic periapical changes
C. A periapical granuloma is a circumscribed area of chronically infected tissue
D. A periapical cyst is also called a radicular cyst
A periapical abscess always causes radiographic periapical changes
Epulis fissuratum results from irritation caused by
a denture flange
Which of the following statements is true?
A. a traumatic neuroma is never painful
B. Necrotizing sialometaplasia is considered a denture related lesion
C. Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis is the same as gingival hyperplasia
D. Gingival enlargement may be caused by medication
Gingival enlargement may be caused by medication
Loss of tooth structure by chemical action
What cyst is characteristically associated with a tooth that is nonvital on pulp testing?
Radicular cyst
Which cyst results when a tooth is extracted without removing the periapical cystic sac?
The most common cause of a radicular cyst is
the wearing away of tooth structure through an abnormal mechanical action defines
Which one of the following is not associated with attrition?
A. Toothpaste
B. Bruxism
C. Mastication
D. Age
Heavy plaque and mouth breathing, ortho appliances, and overhanging restorations best describes some of the causative factors for
Irritation fibroma
The central giant cell granuloma
May present as a multilocular radiolucency
During examination, the dental hygienist notes the presence of active wear facets, This indicates the patient is
A bruxer
Loss of structure on labial surface with a high intake of citrus fruit juices is
The amalgam tattoo represents amalgam particles in the tissue and is most commonly observed in the oral cavity on the
Posterior gingiva and edentulous ridge
A pink protruding mass in the occlusal surface of a mandibular first or second molar is most likely
Caused by caries
A pulp polyp
(A pulpal granuloma?)
Which of the following drugs does not cause gingival enlargement
A. Dilantin
B. Cyclosporine
C. Procardia
D. Tetracycline
Traumatic ulcers are usually diagnosed on the basis of:
The clinical appearance and history of the ulcer