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name two types of cpu manufacturers
intel, amd
name Intels current enthusiast, budget, mobile and server cpus
core i7/i5/i3, core 2 duo
pentium, celeron
same as enthusiast but mobile, atom
name AMD current ethusiast desktop, budget desktop, mobile and server cpus
phenom II, a-series, phenom, and athlon x2
sempron, Athlon II
saving energy by making the CPU run more slowly when demand is light is called?
in modern CPUs the speed and multiplier are set how?
automatically through a function called CPU identifier
Theoretically, a 64 bit address bus can address how much RAM?
16 EB of RAM
what is virtualization?
running more than one operating system at a time
when a multicore CPU processes more than one thread
parallel execution
what are the four steps in pipelining?
fetch: get the data from the EDB

decode: figure out what type of command needs to be executed

execute: perform the calculation

write: send the data back onto the EDB
what are the two types circuitry that handle the calculations in the CPU?
arthmetic logic unit (ALU) basic numbers
floating point unit(FPU) complex numbers
using a single pipeline the FPU and ALU are done at the execution stage
because the CPU runs faster, the RAM can supply it code you'll always get pipeline stalls called?
wait states
what is static RAM
it was built into CPUs to reduce wait states.
it preloaded as many instructions as possible and keeps copies of already run instructions and data in case the CPU--this is called cache
what are the three types of caches that were added directly to the motherboard?
L1 smallest and fastest
L2 bigger and smaller than L1
L3 biggest and slowest
wires that connect the CPU to the main system RAM
frontside bus
runs at 66-133 MHz
set of wires that connects the CPU to L2
backside bus
first appeared in Pentium pro
what is hyper-threading/ simultaneous multi-threading?
splits one CPU into two
it doesn't double the processing. it only enhances the CPUs efficiency
combining two CPUs into a single-chip
dual-core architecture
it has two sets of pipelines
using 2 or more execution cores on one CPU die to divide up work independently of the OS
multicore processing
what is IMC
integrated memory controller. it optimizes the flow of information into and out the CPU.
video processor that helps the CPU by taking over all of the 3-D rendering duties
graphics processing unit (GPU)
Intel-based LGA 775 socket's CPUs
Pentium 4, Celeron,
Pentium 4 extreme edition,
core 2 duo,
core 2 quad,
Intel-based LGA 1155/1156 sockets CPUs
Core i3/i5/i7, Pentium, celeron, Xeon
intel-based sockets LGA 1366 CPUs
Core i7, xeon, Celeron
socket for CPUs that enables insertion of a chip without the need to apply pressure
Zero insertion force socket
the chip drops effortlessly into the socket's holes and a small lever locks it in.
name four types of CPU cooling devices
OEM CPU coolers
specialized CPU coolers
liquid cooling
thermal compound
intentionally running your systems at clock speeds higher than the CPU was rated
it has been known to destroy conputers
how do u overclock?
1. through jumpers, CMOs settings or software configuration you would increase the bus speed
2. increase the voltage going into the CPU
if your computer is continuously rebooting or wont start up, what kind of problem do u have?
CPU cooling problem
open your case up and make sure the heatsink is properly seated and all fans are running.