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Which type of basic tissue help support organs and includes blood, bone and the dermis of the skin

Connective tissue

A body membrane is classified as

An organ

Which one of the basic tissue types is excitable and has contractility


Which basic tissue type exhibits polarity. It has a basil and apical side


Which epithelium consist of a single layer or cube like cells attached directly to a basement membrane

Simple cuboidal

Which epithelium consist of multiple layers of cells including an apical layer contains flattened cells

Stratified squamous

Which epithelium is the lining of alveoli which functions in facilitating diffusion of gases

Simple squamous

Cartilage is what type of tissue


What is a fluid connected tissue


Endothelium is what type of epithelium that lines the inside of blood vessels

Simple squamous

Immediately deep the basil side of the epithelial tissue is the

Basement membrane

Tissue is composed of cells and

Extracellular matrix

What is the major type of cell found in areolar connective tissue


Stomach would contain what type of muscle


Which type of connective tissue will be described as tightly packed collagen fibers aligned parallel to one another

Proper dense regular

Which connective tissue forms to inner supporting framework of the spleen and lymph nodes

Proper loose reticular

Which type of connective tissue allows the aorta to stretch a return to its original size

Proper dense elastic

Which type of Cartlidge forms the end of long bones in the coastal Cartlidge of ribs


Where is ciliated columnar epithelium found

Lining of the bronchioles

What structure attaches a sheet of epithelial cells to underline connected tissue

Basement membrane

Epithelial tissue that has multiple layers of cube like calls would be classified as

Stratified cuboidal

Which type of epithelial tissue is found lining the trachea and portions of the male urethra and is ciliated


Which type of epithelial tissue will be most efficient at exchanging gases

Simple squamous

Which type of epithelial cells that line kidney tubules and salivary glands

Simple cuboidal

Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium is found


Connective tissue is mostly composed of

Extracellular matrix

Epithelial tissue is mostly composed of


The open spaces that surround cartilage cells are called


What muscle types are striated and does not contain intercalated discs


Which muscle types are involuntary and does not contain enter intercalated discs or striations


A gland that secretes internally and lacks ducks is classified as

Endocrine gland

Nervous tissue contains neurons and what type of cells which don't transmit impulses


Which tissue subtype serves as a store of energy and acts as an insulator to prevent heat loss

Adipose connective tissue

What type of connective tissue form the lamina propria

Proper loose areolar

Which cell is a type of immune cell that is common in connective foreign material and displays that material is the rest of the immune system