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return all rows from one table along with all rows from the other table. WHERE conditions should always be included.
Cross Join
eliminates individual or groups of rows from the table.
clause returns any distinct values not found on both the left and right sides of this operand.

combine columns from 2 different tables.

does not allow deletion of tables unless all of the related tables are deleted using a cascading delete; helps prevent the accidental deletion of entire tables.
referential integrity
Name 3 elements of a SELECT QUERY
what columns to retrieve, what tables to retrieve them from, and what conditions, if any, the data must satisfy.
Inserting a simple begin tran before an actual SQL statement is a good place to start, and if you have executed everything correctly, a COMMIT statement is issued from SQL. If there is an error in any of the statements, a ROLLBACK is issued from SQL.
statement removes data from within a table but leaves the table structure in place for future use.
clause returns any distinct values from the left query that are not also found on the right query,
occurs when you define more than one column as your primary key
composite primary key
One important feature of SQL Server is its automatic creation of a clustered index when the primary key is defined for a table; a clustered index is a physical construct, unlike most indexes, which are logical or software-based. Defines how the data will be sorted inside of a table
clustered index
The number and order of the columns must be the same in all queries and the data types must be compatible.
Name 2 requirements of EXCEPT & INTERSECT
removes all rows from a table.
What happens at this juncture is that you would verify that what you did really did happen and then issue a __________ statement to save those changes, or else issue a ___________ to undo them.