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Your covered Auto...

-GVW < 10k lbs, GVW <25k lbs with endorsement

-If vehicle REPLACES existing auto, same coverage as the one it replaced

-If vehicle is an ADDITION, the broadest coverage on policy will apply.

Part A - Liability coverage - Supplementary payments

No extra premium!

-$250 in bail bonds

-premiums on appeal bonds

-interest accruing after a judgement

Part A - Liability coverage - Exclusions

-Intentional acts

-damage to property owned or being transported by that person

-being used to carry people for a fee (endorsement for uber can be added)

-unauthorized people using vehicle

Part C - Uninsured/Underinsured coverage - Exclusions

The first $250 of the amount of damage to the property of that person

Texas Auto sections on Declarations page

Part A - Liability. state minimum is 30/60/25. 30k each person, 60k per accident, 25k in property damage

Part B1 - Medical payments

Part B2 - PIP

Part C - uninsured/underinsured

Part D - coverage for damage to your vehicle (comp/collision)

Part D - Coverage for damage to your auto - definition of collision, examples

means the upset or collision with another object. Examples - running into a tree, shopping cart, store sign

Part D - Coverage for damage to your auto - examples of comprehensive

falling objects, fire, theft or larceny, explosion or earthquake, riot or civil commotion, contact with a bird or animal

Part D - Coverage for damage to your auto - Transportation expenses

different than rental car coverage

-only in the event of total theft, begins 48 hours after the theft

-$20 per day, maximum of $600

-ending when covered auto has been returned or we pay for its loss

Part D - Coverage for damage to your auto - Exclusions

-Damage due to wear and tear


-mechanical or electrical breakdown

-road damage to tires

-loss of stereos or other sound equipment unless it is permanently attached to vehicle

-CB radios, mobile phones, scanners, radar detectors

Part E - Duties after a loss

-Insured must cooperate with us

-We have 15 days to acknowledge claim and begin investigation

-15 days to complete claim

-or 30 days if we believe there was arson

-or if we request more time, we have 45 days to complete claim

-upon completing claim, we must pay within 5 business days

Mexico coverage

applies only if:

-trips are infrequent

-within 25 miles of border