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Most of us have what would be best termed as basic knowledge of car insurance procedures and practices. That doesn’t help much when it comes time to take a new policy. Before you do, you should be ready with questions to ask when shopping for car insurance, that will help cover the finer points of a policy.

The idea isn’t to get the best policy possible, or even the cheapest, but rather one that offers the best value for the money.

Here are 10 questions that will help you to accomplish that goal.

Will my policy cover other drivers of my vehicle?

Naturally, your policy will cover you while you are driving your own vehicle. But what happens if a family member is driving your car on a run to the grocery store? Or a friend borrows it to run
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But some companies also offer you a discount if you pay by credit card – presumably this will make it easier for you to make an annual payment.

This is one of the easiest ways to save money on your premium, which is why it is a question you should always ask.

How will my car be repaired following an accident?

This question relates primarily to the parts that will be used in the repair. Will the repairs be completed using brand-new parts, and if so, up to what age of the car? Or will repairs be completed using second hand parts?

Coverage may be less expensive if secondhand parts will be used, but do you really want to have 10-year-old parts put into your two-year-old car?

Does the policy include towing and roadside assistance, and is it available on a 24/7 basis?

Towing is typically available for either an accident or a mechanical breakdown while you’re on the road. This is important because such episodes tend to happen without warning. Roadside assistance is also valuable, because sometimes all you need is to have a flat fixed, or to have your battery jumped. Having this coverage will save you a considerable amount of money, as opposed to calling a local

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