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What are the 3 types of network controls?
1. Preventative Controls
2. Detective Controls
3. Corrective Controls
What 2 ways must controls be periodically reviewed?
1. Verification
2. Testing
What is the process of making a network more secure by comparing each security threat with the control designed to reduce it?
Risk Assesment
What are examples of components that provide redundancy?
1. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
2. Fault-tolerant servers
3. Disk mirroring
4. Disk duplexing
What is the key to reducing disruption, destruction and disaster?
<blank> attach themselves to documents and become active when the files are opened.
What are 4 types of intruders that attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer networks?
1. Casual Hackers
2. Security Experts
3. Professional Hackers
4. Organization Employees
What do you call braking into a system simply by asking how?
Social Engineering
What are 4 ways to control dial-in security?
1. Routinely change modem numbers
2. Call-back modems
3. Automatic number identification (ANI)
4. One-time passwords
What do you call a packet-level firewall?
Packet filters
In what way are packet filters vulnerable?
IP spoofing - changing the source address on incoming packets from the real address to an address inside the network
What do you use to shield a private network from outside interference?
Network Address Translation (NAT)
What are the 4 main components of encryption?
1. Plaintext - unencrypted message
2. Encryption algorithm
3. Key
4. Ciphertext - encrypted text
What are the 3 important encryption techniques?
1. Symmetric
2. Asymmetric
3. Digital signatures
Which type of encryption uses the same algorithm and key to both encrypt and decrypt a message?
What is a common way to crack symmetric encryption?
Brute Force - trying all possible combinations until one is found.
Which form of encryption uses a public key and a private key?
What are 3 other encryption techniques?
1. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
2. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
3. IP Security Protocol (IPSec)
What are the 4 steps of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?
1. Negotiation
2. Authentication
3. Symmetric Key Exchange
4. Symmetric Key Encryption w/ digital signature
What are 3 types of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)?
1. Network-based IDSs
2. Host-based IDSs
3. Application-based IDSs
What are the 2 main techniques of intrusion detection systems?
1. Misuse detection - looks for signatures of known attacks
2. Anomaly detection - looks for deviation from the norm