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What do you call a server operation system?
Server Network Operating System
What do you call many servers that are part of a network?
Server Farm
What are the 6 basic LAN components?
1. Clients
2. Servers
3. Network Interface Cards
4. Network Cables
5. Hubs and Switches
6. Network Operating System
What would you use to connect a UTP and a Coaxial Cable?
What is the most common choice of network cable?
Untwisted Wire Pairs (UTP)
What are 3 basic functions of a Hub?
1. Act as a junction box, linking several computers on a network
2. Connection of more than one type of cable
3. Repeat incoming signals to extend the distance
What are the 2 types of Network Operating Systems (NOS)?
1. Server NOS
2. Client NOS
What specifies what resources are available to the network for use by other computers?
Network Profile
What describes what each user on a LAN has access to?
User Profile
What keeps track of which user has accessed what network resource?
Auditing Software
What do you call an Ethernet LAN that uses hubs?
Shared Ethernet
How does a bus topology work?
All computers on the network receive messages from all other computers, whether the message was intended for it or not. Each computer can individually accept or reject the message.
What is ethernet's medium access control protocol?
CSMA/CD - (Carrier Sense Multiple Access w/ Collision Detect)
What does the Carrier Sense of the CSMA/CD mean?
Computers listen to the network to see if another computer is transmitting before sending.
What is the difference between a switch and a hub?
A hub sends a message to all computers on the network while a switch reads the destination address and sends the messages specifically to that computer.
What do you call a switch that makes switching decisions based on data link layer addresses?
Layer-2 Switches
What do switches use to decide where to send a message?
Forwarding Tables
How does a switch behave when it is first turned on?
It behaves like a hub. It sends messages to all computers until it learns the addresses of each computer and saves the addresses in its forwarding table.
Which media access control does switched ethernet use?
Instead of Hubs, Wireless LANS use...
Access Points
What media access control does WLANs use?
CSMA/CA - where CA stands for Collision avoidance.
How does the virtual carrier sense method work?
A request to send (RTS) signal is sent to the access point. If it's free, then it sends back a clear to send (CTS) signal.
What type of infrared bounces the infrared signal off of walls, so that a direct line of sight isn't needed?
Diffuse Infrared
What are the 3 types of wireless ethernet?
1. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
2. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
3. IEEE 802.11a
What is the measure of LAN performance?
What 2 types of server performance improvements are possible?
1. Software improvements
2. Hardware Improvements
What is the slowest task a server needs to do?
Read from the disk
What is a RAID?
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
What are ways to improve LAN performance?
1. Identify Network Bottlenecks
2. Improve Server Performance - (hardware and software)
3. Improve Circuit Capacity
4. Reduce Network Demand