What Is Cyber Security?

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Running head: Technology and Cyber-security

Technology and Cyber-security 7

Technology and Cyber-security


Cyber security has become a serious trade-off, a tag of war technical war between the defender and the attack. The vast changes in technology affect both; defenders are using technology to fend off attackers, and attackers employing the same technology to get away with the defenders? scope of defection. In the present digital world, data processing rules. Safeguarding of data has not been given the attention it deserves with important data getting away with unauthorized people.
Data and intellectual property safety and security is very important for an individual and
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These are professionally organized groups which maliciously hack into systems for online money grabbing. This is a major security concern as these groups manage to get away with passwords and other credentials which enable them to steal from online money baking systems. Another security issue includes the hacktivists for instance the infamous anonymous group (Singer & Friedman, 2014). The hacking game has been taken to another level as politically motivated information systems hackers are now doing it in the open and is being acknowledged and accepted as a form of political activism. Political hacktivism is therefore posing serious threat to the security in IT industry as victims feel the monetary pain to forceful compelling to certain political affiliations (Shoemaker & Sigler, …show more content…
They much occur when system hackers exploit employees through scams and social engineering. With the sophistication and advancement in technology, hackers are becoming more sophisticated also at searching for loopholes and crack in corporate security systems and can easily gain access to protected files and data, staging a noble cyber security threat. Spear phishing is also a major security concern to the It industry (Shoemaker & Sigler, 2014). As opposed to regular phishing emails that randomly target people, victims who normally sphere head spear phishing scams are by all means looking for profitable business or private information to earn them money. Spear phishing occurs when malicious hackers target employees via emails that may appear conversant and by so doing gain access and steal personal information. With increased technology in the present world, hackers find it easier to send malicious emails to employees disguising as colleagues hence end up getting crucial information (Singer & Friedman,

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