Threat Actors Essay

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To understand threat actors and their motivation to hack into a system, we have first to examine their background, psychological factors and culture environment. Understanding threat actors include elements such as personality characteristics, motivations, and what drives or influence these criminals. Hackers break into systems for profit, thrills, bragging rights, and curiosity. There are several psychological factors which can often motivate hackers which can be money, fame, revenge, and personal thrills. Organizations today face many ominous cybersecurity concerns that must be addressed systematically and effectively to protect the organization, their customers, and employees. The specifics of Sony Picture Entertainment cyber
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Hacker’s known as Guardians of Peace (GOP) stole business and individuals personal information. The FBI initiated an investigation revealed North Korea as being responsible for cyber-attack. Media reports publicized the assault on Sony was retaliation of North Korean outrage regarding the release of the film, “The Interview”. The film is about two American aspiring journalists who lucky receive the opportunity to interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. However, the two journalists are recruited by the CIA to assassinate the dictator (Herb Lin). The devastating data breach of Sony Picture Entertainment released internal archives and files containing information of the organization 's personnel, senior officials, financial reports, and unreleased movies publicize on the internet for the public. Immediately, Sony closed down their organization after an undermining and threatening message appeared on personnel’s computer monitors. The message, sent by an hacktivist group who call themselves “Guardians of Peace or GOP”, cautioned the possession of their sensitive information and threats to publicize Sony’s information unless their demands were met. The hacktivist group, GOP, threaten Sony with severe consequences will be taken if the company releases the film. Sony decided to cancel the release of the film, but received backlash and reverse their …show more content…
These cybercriminal’s use various weapons of choice to commit cybersecurity attacks such as snooping, malware, denial of service attack, modification and so forth. A variety of factors can identify a hacker’s motivation and their identities. For instance, hacktivism is the demonstration of hacking, or breaking into a network for a politically or socially reason. A hacktivist primary intention is to upset an organization’s daily operation. For example, a hacktivist may leave a very noticeable message on a company website to cause panic and chaos to inform their audience of the attack (Rouse). Figure 1 is an image from a Sony employee computer monitor of the hacktivist group GOP announcing their demands (Owen Williams). In the Sony attack, Sony 's network was brutally damaged and disable from the malware which wiped there drives clean. The entertainment company was inoperable for several days. The hackers acquired and released sensitive information, unreleased movies, financial documentation, and security files such as usernames and passwords on the internet. The hacker’s did make a profit by selling employee’s personal information on the black markets. The FBI announced their "examination, and a in close coordinated effort with different U.S. government divisions and organizations, the FBI now has enough data to reason that the North Korean

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