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What is Anthropology?
Anthropos = humankind
Logos = study

Study of humankind
4 subfields of Anthropology
1) Cultural anthropology
2) Archaeology
3) Linguistics
4) Physical/Biological Anthropology
What is Cultural Anthropology?
*study of present day people
*study of culture: learned behavior transmitted from person to person
*obs. & ethnographics
What is Archaeology?
*study of past human societies
* study of material culture: physical remains & artifacts
What is Linguistics?
*set of written or spoken words
* construction & use of language
* sociolinguistics: science of investigating languages social contexts
What is Physical/Biological Anthropology?
the study of human biological evolution & human biocultural evolution
2 Key concepts of Physical Anthropology
1) each person is a product of evolutionary Hx
2) each person is a product of and individuals life Hx (genes & environ.)
What are hominids?
group of extinct & living bipedal primates in the family Hominidae
Who is Franz Boas?
origins of academic anthropology in U.S.
*from Germany
* expedition to study Inuit Eskimos on Baffin Island in Eastern Arctic of N. America
What do Physical Anthropologists do?
(6 areas of study)
1) Primatology
2) Human genetics (molecular)
3) Paleontology: study of human evolution as evidenced in the fossil record
4) human osteology: study of human bones
5) human biology: studies of living humans
6) forensic anthro
What makes us human?
(6 Big events of Human Evolution)
1) bipedalism: walking/striding upright
2) non-honing chewing: lacks large nonprojecting canines in upper jaw
3) material culture & tools
4) hunting
5) speech - * hyoid bone: free floating bone, reflects ability to speak
6) domesticated foods
How do Physical Anthro know what they know?
obs about the natural world
1) data
2) hypothesis
What is a hypothesis?
provisional explanation of a phenomenon
*hypothesis HAS NOT been tested
What is the scientific method?
(4 key steps)
1) identifying the problem based on earlier obs
2) stating the hypothesis
3) collecting data (obs)
4) testing the hypothesis: acceptance or rejection
What is a theory?
set of hypotheses that have been rigorously tested & validated
* explanations
* modified by new evidence
** theory HAS been tested
** evolution is a theory