Holistic View Of Anthropology Essay

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History and Language: A Holistic View
Humanity is such a simple word, yet is by simple nature excruciatingly complex. The variables and mechanisms that fuse themselves together are so broad and encompassing that it is not so surprising that looking at the whole is nigh on impossible for one person to achieve. Just as a single person is a blend of ideas, ideals, and circumstances, so too is the overall essence of what makes a human, human. Anthropologists have dedicated their lives to the attempt of understanding just a fraction of what composes the human race of today, as well as the path traveled to reach this point. Much of today’s anthropological achievements can be seen by looking at the fields of archeology and linguistic anthropology,
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There are no absolutes in this field. There are only more questions and even greater amounts of studying that may be conducted. The study of humanity and the culture that has been developed is vast, with hundreds of parts coming together to contribute to the overall view. Without each and every field that has devoted their time to this study then the understanding would wither away like roots from a deep frost. Without this holistic view of anthropology, understanding would be greatly limited. It is in the understanding that humanity is forming bridges, crossing gaps of race and inequality that humanity has existed for so very long. Archaeology and linguistic anthropology may not seem like such a big deal, but in fact they come together in such beautiful harmony as to ease the burden and smooth the confusion left by lost time and forgotten memories. Cultural anthropology is a vast subject, one that concerns itself with the understanding of human culture and how it has been shaped by the past. It is aided by the connections formed between the people. Neither of these things would be possible if not for archaeology and linguistics, two key points in everyday life so easily overlooked yet so vitally important to all that is in this

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