Role Of Archaeology In Hawai

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Anthropology is an important field in human lives. It is the study of diverse human aspects within the present and past societies (Smith, 2009, p. 35). Anthropology has several branches or is divided into several specialties. Archaeology is one of the several branches of anthropology (Smith, 2009, p. 35). It is the study of the past human activity through critical analysis and recovery of the materials the human used. This paper will focus more on the archaeology with a specific reference to the Waikiki Beach.
Background of the Archaeological Site Waikiki Beach is natural beach found in Hawaii. It has a rich history concerning activities and people who visited in the area. However, little is known concerning
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63) in order to understand the lives and activities of the people, it is critical to analyze the materials they used. The authors thus indicate that archaeology is an important concept in human. Villa, & Roebroeks, (2014, p. 63), further assets that understanding the past activities and mode of lives of the people it helps in shaping the present as well as the future of the people are currently living. Waikiki Beach well-known world over for its beautiful beach, but what do we know about the people who lived and visited the area? To critically understand them and how they lived, it is important to analyze some of the materials they used. The materials collected for this analysis are bins, rubber tube, wooden poles, bottles, and glasses. These materials were collected through searching in the thickets around the beach, and the process involved a lot of bush slashing using machetes and huge …show more content…
These challenges need to be effectively addressed so as to empower and help the archaeology profession to grow. Some of the major challenges are: Funding: Archaeology is considered by most people a less insignificant career. Most governments also hold a similar view which has led to low funding and less support. That has affected many of the archaeologists from conducting their activities efficiently.
Public resistance: Most owners of potential archaeological sites usually do not allow archaeologist to conduct activities in their area. The lack understanding of the importance of archaeology has widely contributed to such phenomena.
Distance and remoteness: Most of the archaeological sites are found in remote areas which are inaccessible by wide means of transport. That affects how the archaeologists conduct their

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