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____________ is the personal freedom to direct ones own life as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.
____________ is a legal term that refers to the ability to fulfill ones role and handle ones affairs in an adequate manner.
A person who is incapable of making decisions on his or her behalf is considered ____________
If a judge declares a individual incompetent and assigns partial or full guardianship is called a __________
__________ refers to the ability of a person to consent to or refuse a specific medical treatment or procedure.
Decision making capacity
Capacity is based on a persons possession of these 5 characteristics.
1. Appreciation of the right to make a choice.

2. Understanding of the risks and benefits of the medical intervention and lack of intervention.

3. Ability to communicate about the decision

4. Stability over time

5. Consistency with the persons usual beliefs and values.
_________ is a legally binding document that allows competent people to document what medical care they would or would not want to receive if they were not capable of making decisions and communication their wishes.
Advance directives
A _____________ is a person responsible for communicating his or her wishes if he or she becomes incompetent or unable to communicate them.
Proxy Decision maker
________ are legal documents whose purpose is to allow people to specify what type of medical treatment they would want or not want if they become incapacitated as a result of terminal illness.
Living wills
A ______________ is an advance directive that takes effect when ever someone cannot for any reason provide informed consent for health care treatment decisions.
Durable power of attorney for health care
A ___________ or proxy decision maker represents the person who is incapacitated.
Health care proxy
What are the rights of nursing home residents?
1. The right to be fully informed

2. The right to participate in their own care

3. the right to make independent choices

4. The right to privacy and confidentiality

5. The right to dignity respect and freedom

6. The right to security and possessions

7. The right to remain in the facility unless a transfer is necessary appropriate or required. The facility must give a 30 day notice of transfer or discharge.

8. The right to complain

9. The right to visits.
"a good quality of life should be elevated to a priority goal for long term care rather than a pious afterthought to quality of care"
Rosalie Kane
True or false
In non western cultures patients may prefer not to be informed about medical conditions or involved with decisions about their care.
true or false
In non western cultures decisions about medical care may be based on the good of the family rather htan the
True or false

Filipino and Chinese nurses may be uncomfortable discussing advance directives because they see their role as caregivers they may prefer that clergy or pastoral care service representative discuss advance directives with patients.
True or false

Cultures with strong family ties may not see the need for advance directive because they expect the family member to make decisions and advance directives may represent a conflict between individual autonomy and family solidarity.