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Hormones attach to plasma membrane proteins called ______.
The building blocks of protein hormones are ________.
amino acids
The most important male sex hormone is _________.
ACTH acts on the adrenal ________.
The hormone secreted by the pancreatic islets that lowers blood sugar is _______.
A hormone from the posterior pituitary that is involved in water balance is _________.
A hormone from the adrenal cortex that helps regulate sodium and potassium balance is_______.
Growth hormone is also known as ______.
The hormone secreted from the thymus that promotes T-cell growth is _______.
The hormone produced by the pineal gland is __________.
The hormone secreted by the pancreatic islets that raises blood sugar is_______
A portal system links the hypothalmus to the _______
anterior pituitary
The disorder resulting from excess growth hormone in adults is__________
Cretinism results from a lack of _________ in children
Excess secretion of cortisol causes a disorder called ________
Cushing syndrom
The disease that results from the lack of insulin is ________
Diabetes mellitus
The hormone secreted from the kidneys that increases red blood cell synthesis is _______
Enlargment of the thyroid gland is called _________
The hormone that can be used to induce labor is _________
The disease resulting from underactivity of the adrenal cortex is ___________.
addison disease
Excess stress can inhibit the immune system due to the actions of a hormone called__________
The Large gland located on either side of the larynx is the
A) Parathyroid gland
B) Pituitary gland
C) Thyroid gland
D) Adrenal gland
C) thyroid gland
Which of the following is a gonadotropic hormone
A) testosteron
B) aldosterone
C) luteinizing hormone
D) oxycotin
C) luteinizing hormone
The islets of langerhans are found in the
A) kidney
B) adrenal gland
C) pancreas
D) pituitary gland
C) pancreas
Which of the following hormones is synthesized in the posterior pituitary
A) antidiuretic hormone
B) growth hormone
C) melatonin
D) None of the above
D) none of the above
What effect would a large increase in cortisol have on glucagon and insulin secretion
A) both would be increased
B) both would be decreased
C) insulin would be deccreased glucagon would be increased
D) insulin would be increased glucagon would be decreased
D) insulin would be increased glucagon would be decreased
The target issues for oxycotin are the
A) breats and pineal gland
B) uterus and breasts
C) thyroid and parathyroids
D) pituitary and hypothalmus
B) uterus and breats
Which hormone apposed the effects of parathyroid hormone
A) calcitonin
B) glucagon
C) growth hormons
D) prolactin
A) calcitonin
Which of the following is NOT a product of the adrenal gland
A) cortisol
B) aldosterone
C) progesterone
D) epinephrine
C) progesterone
Cortisol is produced by the
A) adrenal cortex
B) adrenal medula
C) pancreas
D) thyroid gland
A) adrenal cortex
The gland that produces calcitonin is the
A) parathyroid gland
B) thyroid gland
C) anterior pituitary
D) posterior pituitary
B) thyroid gland
An example of a mineralocorticoid is
A) glucagon
B) cortisol
C) aldosterone
D) testosterone
C) aldosterone
A hormone that increases sodium loss and lowers blood pressure is
A) aldosterone
B) antidiuretic hormone
C) atrial natriuretic peptide
D) calcitonin
C) atrial natriuretic peptide
The stalk connecting the hypothalmus and the pituitary gland is called the
A) pituitary cortex
B) infundibulum
C) anterior lobe
D) hypophysis
B) infundibulum
The best treatment for anaphylaxis is
A) epinephrin
B) cortisol
C) insulin
D) growth hormone
A) epinephrin
Diabetes insipidus results from a lack of
A) gloucagon
B) aldosterone
C) calcitonin
D) antidiuretic hormone
D) antidiuretic hormone
Oral contraceptives contain
A) estrogen and progeesterone
B) testosteron and estrogen
C) testosterone and progresterone
D) estrogen and aldosterone
A) estrogen and progresterone
Deficiency of thyroxine in an adult can result in
A) cretinism
B) myxedema
C) acromegaly
D) tetany
B) myxedema
The suffix - poiesis means
A) sodium
B) milk
C) forming
D) swelling
C) forming
Local hormones produced by most body tissues are
A) prostaglandins
B) Pituitary hormones
C) steroids
D) protien hormones
A) prostaglandins
A word ending for a hormone that controls anothe gland is
A) tropin
B) megaly
C) poiesis
D) nephrin
A) tropin
Nephromegaly is
A) insufficient kidney growth
B) enlargment of the kidney
C) adrenal atrophy
D) excess adrenal growth
B) enlargment of the kidney