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What is a comparison of two numbers?


How many steps are there to convert a decimal to a fraction?


What rule specifies a ratio of 1:2:4 for cement, sand, and aggregates for concrete mix?

Rule 42

What is a number expressed as a fraction of 100?


What is the standard metric unit for mass?


What is the boiling point of water at sea level?

100° c

What is the point where two lines meet to form an angle called?


What tool are angles measured with?


What type of triangle has three sides of different angles?


What is the measurement of a two-dimensional size of a surface called?


Formula for the area of a rectangle?

L x W

Formula for the area of a triangle?

B x H x .5

Formula for the volume of a rectangular shape?

L x W x D

What is described as the pushing force behind electricity?


Voltage is calculated by multiplying current and resistance. What is this formula known as?

Ohms law

What is the actual movement of electrons through a conductor known as?


What is defined as the opposition of current flow?


What is the unit of measurement for resistance?


What is the rate at which work is done called?


What is current that flows only in one direction referred to as?

Direct current

What is a variable resistor used to limit current flow?


What are the smallest building blocks of matter called?


When atoms combine to form molecules, electrons in the outermost shell are either transfer from one atom to another, or shared between atoms in a process known as what?

Covalent bonding

What are electrically charged atoms called?


What does not allow electricity to readily flow through them and have a very high resistance?


How many amperes could stop a human heart under the right circumstances?


What states that current is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance?

Ohm’s law

What is the most common source of DC power?

A battery

A battery consist of three main components: positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and what else?


What type of batteries are also known as rechargeable batteries, storage batteries, or accumulators?

Secondary cells

What is current flow direction referred to as?


What type of power source does not have a fixed polarity ?

AC power

What is the most commons means of producing either single-phase or poly-phase power?

AC generators

What principle do generators use to produce voltage and current?

Electromagnetic induction

To produce a voltage you need to have a conductor, magnetic field, and what else?

Relative motion

What has the ability to store a charge and oppose changes in voltage?


What is defined as the total opposition to the follow of AC in a circuit?


What is the power used to do work plus the power stored during part of a cycle by inductance and capacitance and then returned to the power source called?

Apparent power

In an AC circuit what is the power actually used to do work?

True power

What type of circuit is defined as having more than one current path connected to a common voltage source?

Parallel circuit

What type of electrical circuit is defined as a circuit that contains more than one path of current flow and at least two resistors in a series in one of the paths?

Series parallel

What are used in a parallel circuit where three or more conductors meet each other?


What provides the physical connection between the power source, overcurrent protection, switch, and the load and provides a return path back through the components so that current can flow back to its place of origin?