Electric Current Lab Report

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The objective: Through a scientific invention the student will create a model that transmits electrical current and demonstrate that electricity travels in a closed path.
Materials: (6) light bulb, (6) battery, (6) 6 in. insolated copper wires, (6) wire stripper, (6) switches, (21) safety goggles, (21) aprons, and boxes of gloves.
Vocabulary: Circuit, closed circuit, open circuit, electrical circuit, electromagnetic, and parallel circuit
Engaged: We are going to do a KWL chart to find out, what you know about electrical current, what you want to know, and what you have learned. What do you know about electrical current? Is electricity something that can be seen? Can someone tell me what is electricity? Can you give me examples of electric current? Students I have a discrepancy event that I want you all to see. The materials that we need for this event is a battery, copper wire, and magnets. Can you think of a way that we can make
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Can you tell me how we can light two light bulbs? I will give you a few minutes to design a diagram to make two lights light up. Parallel circuit is when we have more than one pathway. Look at my model if we add more wire over here and another light bulb we can light up two light bulbs. As you can see we can do many experiments and have the result that we want. Should the electrical current be close for it to work? Why?
1. Which best defines a parallel circuit?
A. The electrical flow along a pathway.
B. The flow of electricity comes from more than one sources.
C. The flow of electricity comes from one source.
D. The electricity flows along more than one pathway.
2. Which material would you use to design an experiment with an electric current?
A. Battery, nail, wire, and a switch
B. Switch, battery, nail, and bulb
C. Battery, wire, bulb
D. Nail, battery, bulb, and wire
3. The diagram below shows a circuit.
Which what do you need to do for the light bulb to turn light

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