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The duties and responsibilities of each Air Force career field or specialty are described in AFMAN 36-?
Material management specialists are NOT responsible for ______?
performing material management systems control functions
The purpose of the Air Force logistics career broadending program is to promote a better understanding of the WHOLE material management system through the cross-utilization of training, knowledge, experience, and ?
What two organizations provide wholesale logistics experience for selected Material Management noncommissioned officers (NCO)?
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Air Force Material Command (AFMC)
Which Expeditionary Logistics 21st Century (eLog21) effect ensures logistics decisions are made and actions are taken with an understanding of their impact accross the entire Air Force?
Effect One: Enterprise view.
In support of the Expeditionary Logistics 21st Century (eLog21) integrated processes, which is not a resource?
Local manufacture is a term that describes an item______
fabricated by a maintenance activity on base.
What source of supply consists of vendors from the local community?
Local Purchase
Which class of supply includes weapons?
II (two)
Which class of supply consists of ammunition?
V. (5)
What Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) flight provides centralized command and control, planning, and execution of all wing deployment operations and the distribution of cargo, passengers, and personal property?
Deployment and Distribution
Which Logistics Readiness Squadron flight is responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying, inspecting, and shipping DOD supplies and equipment?
Material Management
Which process is NOT one of the four supply major processes in the Material Management system?
What Material Management System process is activated if assets are insufficient to satisfy the requirement on the requested item?
Which maintenance process updates various basic and support records, such as item records, routing identifier records, and warehouse locations?
Miscellaneous file maintenance
How often is AFMAN 23-110, USAF Supply Manual published?
What is the LARGEST subdivision of AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply Manual?
How are hyperlinks identified in AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply Manual?
Blue text
How would the document file name for volume 2, part 2, chapter 3 be identified in a search of AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply Manual?
How many characters make up a national stock number?
What two entities make up the national stock number
Federal Supply Class and National Item Identification Number
How many MAJOR types of inquiries are there in the Material Management System?
Which action code on an item record inquiry in the Material Management System is used to obtain specific information
Record retrieval
What releveling flag is used on a requirements computation inquiry in the Materiel Management System to provide a summary of information about a given stock number?
Under the consolidated transaction history (CTH) system, which type inquiry allows you to select records using the stock number and transaction date?
Stock number
Under the consolidated transaction history (CTH) system, which option displays a list of abbreviated histories on your terminal screen or in print?
Abbreviated format (option A)
Which program in the Material Management System takes control of computer processing when an error is detected during processing of a transaction?
Which Chapter in AFMAN 23-110 USAF Supply manual, volume 2, part 2, identifies the action required to correct the Material Management System rejects created during processing?
Within how many workdays should all Material Management System rejects normally be processed?
Which record retrieval code in the Material Management System gives you the transaction history when processing an inquiry?
Which product of the Material Management System is used to ensure rejects are processed in a timely manner?
Management notices can be readily identified by what letters preceding the management code and phrase?
Who determines who will process controlled transaction Identification codes (TRIC) and inform the computer operations terminal security manager which controlled TRICs each user Identification (user ID) is authorized to process?
Individual flight chiefs and terminal security monitors.
User Identification and controlled Transaction Identification codes are loaded to designated terminal functions by the
terminal security manager
production scheduling of ALL material management computer system reports and listing must be supported by a specific requirement in AFMAN 23-110, USAF Supply manual; an AF form 2011, Base Supply ADPE Work Request or ?
an approved Supplement.
The annotated forecast listing of all computer requirements is returned to the computer room production scheduler by which workday?
The Air Force supply management activity group is divided into how many divisions?
In material management, you will PRIMARILYdeal with which divisions of the Air Force supply management activity group?
General support division (GSD) and material support division (MSD)
What is a BASIC ground rule for conducting a surveillance visit to a Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) function?
Check in and out with the flight chief.
How frequently should you schedule surveillance visits?
During a surveillance visit, you should coordinate your review of management products with what activity?
Analysis element
When the Material Management System does NOT process or update transactions as it should, what form is used to report the problem to Headquarters, Operations and Sustainment Systems Group?
AF Form 1815
Who is responsible for submitting and monitoring difficulty reports?
Procedures element.
A category III difficulty report does NOT stop computer system processing and is corrected ?
in the next scheduled release
What analysis method do you use MOST OFTEN to satisfy a one-time requirement or solve a specific problem?
Special studies
What transaction identification code input is created from the transaction exception 7 issue document?
Special Requisition (SPR)
What transaction exception is used to identify a degraded operations shipment or nondirected transfer to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service?
What type of material management source documents are NOT placed in a permanent document file?
Source documents with file indicator D.
What material management register lists information from the transactions stored in the daily transaction history area of the Material management database?
Daily Document Control (D04)
What material management register may be prepared to replace the Daily Transaction Register (D06)?
Consolidated Transaction (M19)
What material management register is prepared from transaction histories that are stored and merged on magnetic tapes?
Consolidated Transaction (M19)
The Consolidated Inventory Adjustment Document (IAD) Register (M10) must contain an entry for each adjustment transaction appearing on what two registers?
D04 and D06.
What is the purpose of the shipment-suspense program?
ensure an item has been shipped.
All shipments and transfers processed through the Logistics Readiness Squadron produce what type of detail?
Shipment-suspense or shipped-not-credited (SNC)
What transaction identification code is used to update the shipment-suspense detail?
What listing is used to manage delinquent shipment suspense details?
What code is assigned if an item record requiring reverse-post action does not contain a freeze code?
What is the transaction identification code for a automated reverse-post transaction?
What information is required to make an automated reverse-post input?
Transaction serial number, TTPC, and date
What method do you use MOST OFTEN for recurring reports or for comparing statistical data with standards and norms?
Trend analysis.