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The primary reason the high-frequency radio uses single sideband modulation is

that it provides many channels to operate on

The typical high-frequency radio has

280,000 channels spaced 100 hertz apart

What is the transmitted frequency when a high-frequency radio control is set to 27.5 MHz, the signal is modulated by a 1000-hertz tone, and lower sideband mode is selected?

27.499 MHz

Which is true concerning high-frequency radio reception?

Audio fidelity is higher than in ultra-high frequency radios

Which is not a mode of operation for the ARC-190 high frequency radio system?


You are using a learned preset for the ARC-190 high-frequency radio system. For this application, the transmit tune time is less than

35 milliseconds

Which version of the ARC-190 high frequency radio system receiver-transmitter must be installed to operate properly if the system has a CU-2275(V)1 high-frequency coupler installed?

RT-1341V(1), RT-1341(V)2, or RT-1341(V)3

In the ARC-190 high-frequency radio system, the high-frequency coupler matches the impedance of the antenna to the receiver-transmitter in order to

give maximum power transfer

A VHF FM radio is mainly used on aircraft that

contact ground forces

Which VHF radio system would have been the best chance of receiving a signal from a station located beyond the horizon?


Which VHF radio system uses two antennas?

FM Homing

On which frequencies can the ARC-186 VHF radio not transmit in the AM mode?

108 to 115.975 MHz

The frequency range of the ARC-186 VHF radio receiver in the FM mode is from

30 to 87.975

We call the C-11029/ARC-186 a true comm/nav control box because

it controls both the VHF radio and VOR/ILS receiver

How many frequencies are available for use by the main receiver in the ARC-164 UHF radio?


The HAve Quick II frequency hopping pattern and rate is programmable by the 


The Have Quick II radio's entry  point in the frequency-hopping pattern is established by the word-of-day; however, it is actually programmed by

the net number

When not operating in the secure voice mode, two signals are received simultaneously on the same operating net, the Have Quick II radio automatically goes into conferencing. It does this by

offseting the second transmitter frequency by 25 kilohertz

An advantage of the remote Have Quick II configuration over the panel mount configuration in an aircraft is that it

reduces cost by using existing aircraft wiring

The HAVE QUICK II multiple word-of-day modification provided loading capacity that allows entry of up to 

six words-of-day for 6 day use

What LRU provides primary control of the ARC-210 radio system?

Remote tuning panel

Which LRU will automatically take over in the event of a failure in the ARC-210 radio system primary control method?

Control display unit

The remote tuning panel cannot control the ARC-210 radio system if the

radio set control is turned on

If the ARC-210 radio system high pass filter is inoperable, what symptoms may be present to the radio operator?

Receiving FM commercial stations below 108 MHz

What LRU is used to control the ARC-210 radio system in the event of a dual integrating processing failure?

Radio set control

How do you swap the active and standby frequencies of the ARC-210 sradio system using the remote tuning panel?

Pressing the inner knob

The ARC-210 radio system must be tuned within which frequency range to receive tactical/close air support information?

30 to 87.975 MHz

Which one of the following frequencies is not reserved for emergency use?

8.0 MHz

Oarachute emergency radios transmit on the 

UHF emergency frequency

The PRC-90 hand-held emergency radio transmits on what two fixed channels?

243.0 and 282.8 MHz

Which one of the following is not an operating mode of the PRC-90 emergency radio?

Three-way voice communications

The emergency communications system that deploys from the aircraft before or at impact to give it a better chance of surviving a crash is the 

Crash position indicator

The emergency communications system that emits pulses of high-frequency sound is the 

underwater acoustical beacon

The underwater acoustical beacon can operate in fresh or salt water to a depth of 

20000 feet

Inadvertent activation of the underwater acoustical beacon from moisture is prevented by

a switch design

When activated, the emergency locator transmitter continuously transmits on frequencies 

121.5 and 243.0 MHz

What switch on the emergency locator transmitter resets the impact sensor circuits to 

g-force reset switch

One purpose of the interphone system is to

provide a means of keying and modulating the radio transmitters

The term used to describe the lines used to determine whether a tranceiver connected to the interphone system will be in the transmit or receive condition is

control lines

The C-6567/AIC-25 interphone set control

has eight monitor/volume controls that are switches and potentiometers

The purose of the +17 to +29 VDC on the CALL control line of the C-6567 is to 

activate the AGC circits in the headset amplifiers

The CALL switch applies a DC voltage to the CALL control line and activates the AGC circuits in all aircraft control panel's headset amplifiers causing the CALL audio to be heard at least how many dB louder han any other signals present?


Which crewmembers will recieve messages during hot-mic operation?

Only those with the hot-mic listen switch activated

Which transmission operation of the interphone system is most advantagous to pilots/copilots?

Two-button operation because it allows pilot/copilot to talk on radios and maintain comm with crew

The C-6624/AIC-25 allows a crewmember to talk on the

CALL and interphone functions

The major difference between the U-92A/U and the U-94A/U jack is the

U-94A/U jack has a PTT button

When connecting the WM-85/U inerphone cable to the U-94 A/U, what wire color is connected to the PTT button on the U-94 A/U?


Which is not a level of BIT on the ADIS?

Degraded bit

The ADIS interphone audio control panel provides monitoring facilities for listening to audio signals on how many possible channels?


The VOL adjustment on the ADIS interphone audio control panel allows the operator to

adjust combined received signals simultaneously or individually

The formward external interphone receptacle in the ADIS system allows the operator to transmit on a radio, even though the other two external receptacles cannot, because it is connected to the

boom operator's forward IACP

On the ADIS, when either the crew compartment or boom compartment is in the local ICS mode, no communication between the front and back can occur without the use of the 

CALL function

When CALL mode is activated on the ADIS, all radios (excluding aural warnings) are

decreased to 6 dB of max volume

When the ADIS is in emergency mode, IACP #3 is directly connected to 

HF radio #1

When the ADIS interphone adapter unit passes priority one input signals, the signals are passed

without signal level adjustment

IF you need to store 12 cryptographic keys, then how many KYK-13 devices will you require?


The capability of the KYK-13 to connect to different crypto units or another KYK-13 is provided by

two chasis mounted six-pin connectors

If the mode select switch on the KYK-13 is set to OFF CHECK and the user presses the INITIATE button, then the KYK-13 will

verify presence of a single stored key

When checking the KYK-13 for stored crypto keys, the presence of a valid key is indicated by

one red indicator flash

Which control  on the KYK-13 transfer device transfers a key into the selected storage address?

Initiate button On

Why does the KYK-13 parity light flash on and off continously?

Because key transfer was prevented

Which of the following is not a primary purpose of the CYZ-10 data transfer device?

Process host/application data

The CYZ-10 has a sealed case with only

three external openings

If the CYZ-10 is placed in long-term storage in the OFF condition, then batteries are expected to last approximately

119 days

What is the purpose of the DTD zeroize function?

To erase all battery backed memory in the DTD

What KY-58 LRU has the primary function of transmitting and receiving secure voice messages?

TSEC secure voice processor

Which one of the following units is needed to transfer crypto variables into the KY-58 processor?

KYK-13 fill device

What is the purpose of the KY-100 main terminal unit?

Encodes and decodes transmitted and received audio signals

Which of the following is not a function of the COMSEC mode control panel?

Allows selected radio audio signals to be passed through the intercom

The crewmembers address the secure voice system through the 

interphone system