Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment Analysis

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For part B of assignment 1, i shall discuss the process and technical details involved with performing a telephone call from a Desktop Pc, to a telephone. I shall run through the process, using Alice (digital Device owner) and Bob (telephone) to describe the process.
Before we can begin the call, the pc requires both a microphone and headset/speakers to be able to run any call, and a pc with a fast enough connection to the internet. In this instance, the call will be running as a two way communication known as duplex, which allows the transmission and receiving of information from two connected parties. This means that both connected callers can talk via their microphones and listen from the speaker simultaneously. The best way to describe it is that
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These analog waves will be converted into digital values, the overall process of conversion is run through an Analog to Digital converter. An analog to digital converter is a device that converts an analog signal into a limited number of digital values. This conversion will always give a rounding error. The rounding error can be kept small by converting enough digital values. This rounding error is called quantization noise. Once the data has been converted, it will then be sent as binary over the I.P address of the caller using a system called Pulse code modulation, also known as PCM. PCM is a digital scheme for transmitting analog data. The signals in PCM are binary, this is true no matter how complex the analog waveform happens to be. Using PCM, it is possible to digitize all forms of analog data, including full-motion video, voices, music and virtual reality (360 motion videos). Once information has been transferred into binary, the information is ready to be sent out, to do this we send it in a packet switching

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