Telephone Communication Essay

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For part B of assignment 1, i shall discuss the process and technical details involved with performing a telephone call from a Desktop Pc, to a telephone. I shall run through the process, using Alice (digital Device owner) and Bob (telephone) to describe the process.
Before we can begin the call, the pc requires both a microphone and headset/speakers to be able to run any call, and a pc with a fast enough connection to the internet. In this instance, the call will be running as a two way communication known as duplex, which allows the transmission and receiving of information from two connected parties. This means that both connected callers can talk via their microphones and listen from the speaker simultaneously. The best way to describe
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From their servers it will be directed towards a gateway that takes calls off the Internet and delivers them onto PSTN lines. The PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is the collective of the world 's circuit-switched telephone networks that are operated. The PSTN consists of telephone lines, fiber optic cables, cellular networks, communications satellites, which allows most telephones to communicate with each other. Once it’s been sent to the PSTN, it will then use the headers details within the packet to find the appropriate endpoint, being Alice’s phone. The packets will arrive at her phone, the payload within the packet will be unpackaged. Since the arrived audio was converted from analog to binary, the phone needs to convert it back into analog using a Digital to Analog converter (D/A). The digital to analog converter uses a Pulse Code Demodulator To recover the original signal from the digital data, It can run the procedure of modulation in reverse. The analog audio will then stream as a continuing supply of packets are sent, and that is the complete process. i have drawn up a diagram below, which will use a (D) for digital and (A) for analog.
To conclude, the system for setting up and performing a computer to phone call is quite a straightforward one, and as long as your internet connection and telephone signal is adequate. I have drawn up a diagram below which shows a straightforward network, starting from left to right, going from the pc to the provider’s server, gateway, PSTN and finally the phone. The image uses (D) for digital and (A) for

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