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What are some economic problems of the Articles of Confederation?
-No consistency between state currencies
-No consistence between states on taxation and trade with each other and other countries
How did Shay's Rebellion show weakness in the Articles of Confederation?
The national government could not suppress the rebellion by farmers who opposed a tax and refused to pay the tax. This created major concerns about national security and homeland security. There was nothing in position to make the states conform to national law.
What were the immediate effects of the Constitutional Convention?
-Establishment of three branchs of government
-Strong central government
-Establishment of federalism
What were the long term effects of the Constitutional Convention?
-Increased confidence in national government
-Debates over states' rights
What is federalism?
Federalism is a form of government where there are multiple levels of government. In federalism, the central government is the most powerful. All other levels of government must conform to the national/central government
How is federalism different from a confederation?
The difference between federalism and a confederation is that in a federal government, the national/central level of government is the strongest. IN a confeeration, the state governments are the governments that are in control. It is more difficult for a confederation to consistent and uniform than in a federal form of government.