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breed (v)
keep animals in order to produce
young ones in a controlled way
◆ South Lakes Wildlife Park has
recently acquired two young adult
tigers which they hope to breed.
 breed (n)
festival (n)
day or period when people start
working to celebrate sth
 festivities (n pl)  festive (adj)
celebration (n)
special event organised because sth
pleasant has happened  celebrate (v)
origin (n)
the beginning or background of sth
◆ Margaret Thatcher rose from humble origins as a grocer's
daughter to become the British Prime Minister.
 originate (v), original (adj), originally (adv)
rodent (n)
an animal belonging to the group
of small mammals with sharp front
teeth that grow constantly, e.g. a
mouse or rat
nuisance (n)
thing, person or situation that is annoying
◆ What a nuisance! The shop’s shut already and I needed
some milk.
get rid of (phr v)
make yourself free of sb/sth that you don’t want or that is annoying
◆ Sam chats for ages when he calls and sometimes I have to find a
polite way of getting rid of him.
enhance (v)
float (n)
large vehicle, sometimes decorated, on which people dressed in
costumes or displays are carried in a festival
rampart (n)
high, wide, wall of stone with a path on top, built around a town
or castle to defend it
jester (n)
in the past, a man employed by kings and queens to amuse people
by telling jokes and stories

toss (v)

throw lightly or carelessly. toss (n)

scramble (v)
to push, fight or compete with others in order to get or reach sth.
◆ When the fire alarm went off, everyone scrambled madly for the
exits. scramble (n)
impromptu (adj)
done without preparation or planning
combatant (n)
person (also group or country) involved in fighting a battle
 combat (n, v)
squash (v)
press sth so that it becomes soft, damaged or flat
 squashy (adj)
accompaniment (n)
sth that happens at the same time as sth else and provides
a background to it, esp. music or noise
 accompanist (n), accompany (v)
slimy (adj)
made of or covered in any unpleasant thick wet substance
 slime (n)
mush (n)
soft, thick mass or mixture, usu. when sth is unpleasant
 mushy (adj)
debris (n)
pieces of material that are left after sth has been destroyed, or rubbish
left behind
◆ It was a fantastic party, but I’m exhausted now. Let’s clear up the debris in the morning.
crush (v)
press or squeeze sth so hard that it loses its shape or is destroyed
 crush (n)
mess (n)
dirty or untidy state  messy (adj),
mess (sth) up (phr v)