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What must you include in the evaluation of possible breast disease?

1. Risk factors

2. Size of mass

3. Location

4. Cyclicity of pain and tenderness

What is the risk of a woman with a first-degree relative with breast cancer to develop cancer herself?

1. 2.3x

What is the risk of a woman with a second-degree relative with breast cancer to develop cancer herself?

1. 1.5x

What is the effect of lactation on the incidence of breast cancer?

1. No effect

At what age(s) does the risk of breast cancer increase?

1. 35

2. Rapid escalation at 55

What should a visual examination yield in breast disease?

1. Accentuate ventral wall

2. Look for dimpling, redness, asymmetry, retraction, ecchymoses, changes in the nipple, or lumps

What are the different zones of breast tissue for lymph node drainage?

How should the breast be palpated in a physical exam?

1. Vertical strip

2. Check areolar area for subareolar masses

3. Be sure to check for nipple expression

What is the most critical dx tool in screening for early breast cancer?

1. Mammography

What is the ultimate dx modality for breast cancer?

1. Excisional bx

What are the indications for a breast bx?

1. Bloody cystic fluid on aspiration

2. Mass remaining after cystic aspiration

3. Recurrent mass

4. Solid, dominant mass

5. Bloody nipple discharge

6. Nipple ulceration, crusting, or excoriation

7. Skin edema or erythema

What should be excluded from the diet in the management of a fibrocystic change?

1. Methylxanthines +/-

What should be added to the management of a fibrocystic change in breast disease?

1. Vitamins A and E

2. Wear a tight-fitting bra if possible

Who are candidates for conservative surgery for breast disease?

1. Understand risks and potential complications

2. Primary tumors 4 cm or less

3. No nipple involvement

At what size should you check for distant mets from the breast?

1. Primary lesion > 2 cm

What types of lesions yields high residual carcinoma in the breast?

1. Subareolar

2. >4 cm

What are the tx modalities for breast cancer?

1. Chemotx

2. Adjuvant

3. Radiation tx


5. Aromatase inhibitors

6. Prophylaxis

How often does it take breast cancer cells to double?

1. 90 days