The Importance Of Breast Cancer

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Introduction Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death, after skin cancer, for women in the United States (4). About 13% of women develop breast cancer, which approximately is over a quarter of a million cases of invasive breast cancer annually. Some risks factors of average women who are developing breast cancer have early onset menstruation cycles, late menopause (when your menstruation comes to an end), not being able to become pregnant, having their first pregnancy later on in their life, short periods of breast feeding and having a family member who has had or has breast cancer.
Breast Anatomy Breasts are part of the human body’s reproductive system whose main functions are to produce milk as a source of nourishment for infants.
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Some females have a higher risk of developing breast cancer in their life time than other females because the risk of having breast cancer is higher as the person ages. The American Cancer Society claims that even though breast cancer affects whites more than it affects African Americans, African Americans are the ones who lose the battle against this disease more if not treated early (1). They also stated that women are more prone of developing the disease if they have a history of breast cancer, was younger than thirty years old when having radiation to the chest, or have a relative with either genetic mutations of BRCA1 or …show more content…
Before learning about breast cancer, I was not aware of a few things. The first, how there are people who delay going to the doctor for more than three months to have their breast checked for cancer. I would have expected people to seek help within a couple of weeks of finding symptoms in order to lower the risk of having a higher stage of cancer. Secondly, I knew that there were different stage levels of cancer but I did not know that there was a stage 0 and I was not aware what each stage

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