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The axial skeleton consists of?
The skull and hyoid bone, the vertebral column, and the bony thorax
Functions of the axial skeleton?
Support the head, neck and trunk; protect the brain, spinal cord and thoracic organs
The skull is comprised of how many bones?
Which vertebral column levels have an intervertebral disc?
Between T12 and L1 and between C7 and T1
A small, synovial fluid-filled pocket in connective tissue, which may be connected to a joint cavity is what?
Pronation and supination occur where?
Proximal radioulnar joint
What is most unique to the knee?
The menisci
Ribs 1-10 articulate with the bodies of the thoracic vertebrae and what else?
The transverse processes of the thoracic vertebrae
What connects muscle to bone?
The olecranon is part of?
The ulna
Which vertebral structure can most easily be felt or seen on the ventral surface?
The body or centrum
The squamous suture is between the boundary between what?
The parietal and temporal bones
What is the type of joint formed by the teeth and the gums?
The structure that houses the pituitary gland is found in which bone?
Sphenoid bone
What tarsal bone in the ankle articulates with both leg bones?
What is the structure of the os coax that can be felt on the anterior of the hip?
Anterior superior iliac spine
The patella functions to?
Increase the contraction force of the quadriceps femoris
The cruciate ligaments attach to what part of the tibia?
Intercondylar eminence
The fibula functions as?
The lateral bone of the leg that provides lateral stability to the ankle
What is a ligament inside a joint capsule called?
Where does the pectoral girdle meet the axial skeleton?
The clavicle attaches to the manubrium
What cartilaginous joint does not permit movement?
Most of the anterior surface of the scapula is formed by what?
Subscapular fossa
What kind of joint is a suture?
Which structure of the humerus articulates with the radius?
Which structure forms the anterior border of the sella turcica?
Tuberculum sellae
What clavicular structure serves as an attachment site for a ligament?
Conoid tubercle
What structure is located at the Y-shaped junction of the illium, ischium, and pubis?
The coronal suture is the boundary between what?
The parietal and frontal bones
The sagittal suture suture is the boundary between what?
The right and left parietal bones
The lambdoid suture is the boundary between what?
The parietal and occipital bones
Which structure contains the pituitary gland?
Sella turcica
What is the mental protuberance?
The carotid canal is also called what?
Foramen lacerum
No movement
Slight or limited movement
Free movement
Nearly all fibrous joints are what?
What is a suture?
Edges of bones interlock (only in skull)
What is a syndesmosis?
Ligament connects and limits movements of the articulating bones
What is a gomphosis?
Bone inserts in an alveolar process (e.g. periodontal ligaments)
What is a synchondrosis?
Interposition of cartilage plate (e.g. epiphyseal plate)
What is a symphysis?
Connection by a pad of fibrous cartilage (e.g. pubic symphysis)
What is a synostosis?
Conversion of other articular form to a solid mass of bone (e.g. metopic suture)
What is a meniscus?
Disc of fibrocartilage