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What is the end result if a surface to be painted is not properly prepared and cleaned?
The surface will not look its best
The materials and valuable time are wasted
The surface is not protected from the elements
To achieve the proper consistency for use by brush, roller, or spray gun, what is added to paint?
What white pigment has the highest known hiding power?
Titanium Dioxide
What are the substances used as paint extenders?
Inert Chemicals Pigments
Which of the following paint ingredients is usually referred to as the base?
Which of the following paint ingredients acts as a conveyor of oxygen and assists in the paint setting up?
The most common type of thinner is composed of
Mineral Spirits
What is the minimum number of hours oil varnishes should be allowed to dry before another coat is applied?
24 hrs
On topside metal surfaces that have been taken down to bare metal, what is the minimum number of primer coats after pretreatment?
Which of the following paint coverings was developed for painting a ship's bottom?
When painting a ship's bottom, what paint is applied after anticorrosive paint?
Boot topping paint is used for what area of a ship?
Just above and just below the waterline
Within how many hours after the primer has cured should nonskid material be applied?
24 hrs
How many coats of fire-retardant paint may be applied to a surface before it loses its fire-retardant properties?
Bare wood that is to be painted is primed with which of the following?
One coat of aluminum paint
What is the best method of applying canvas preservative?
Based on test data, which of the following metals is preferred for thermal-spray application?
Which of the following is an artificial abrasive?
Aluminum Oxide
Which of the following code numbers indicates the finest size of abrasive?
What is the first step to take in sharpening a paint scraper?
Square the End
On a properly sharpened chipping hammer, the squared face should be how wide?
1/16 to 1/8 inch
Which of the following is the most useful power tool for surface preparation?
Portable Grinder
Which of the following sanders has a small fast motion that actually sands in all directions?
What is the main advantage of the needle gun scaler?
It can clean out irregular surfaces
Which of the following precautions must you observe when operating an electric power tool?
Wear protective goggles and insulated gloves
Under which of the following circumstances should paint and varnish remover NEVER be used?
In confined spaces
Near an open flame
To clean your hands
What is usually the first sign of aluminum corrosion?
White Powdery Residue
Which of the following methods should be used to prevent corrosion when aluminum is joined to wood?
Coat wood with one coat of spar varnish and place insulation tape between the two surfaces
Which of the following is the best system for mixing paint?
Vibrating Shaker
The process of pouring paint back and forth between two cans is called
Paints located in paint storage spaces should be turned upside down at least once every
3 months
What should be done with paint that has become unfit for use?
It should be returned to the shipyard where it can be reworked
Which of the following brushes should you use to paint a large surface?
To make brushes more flexible and easier to clean, they should be soaked for about 40 hours in
Paint Thinner
After cleaning a paintbrush that is used frequently, how should you stow it?
Wrap it in waxed paper and stow it flat
What is the recommended cleaner for a brush that was used for shellac?
When you are applying paint to the brush, approximately how much of the brush should be dipped into the paint?
1/2 the lenght of the bristles
When a surface is being painted, what is the purpose of laying on and laying off?
To distribute the paint evenly over the surface
The best way to cut in with a paintbrush is to move the brush
swiftly in long continuous strokes
What is the maximum number of coats of paint allowed for interior surfaces?
At what minimum temperature may painting be started?
What working conditions are most harmful to the quality of paint work?
Lack of ventilation, low temperature, and high humidity
After a stripping job, how should you remove the masking tape?
By pulling it off slowly, diagonally back upon itself
What should you do to ensure that paint applied with a roller does not peel off?
Apply moderate pressure to the roller
What is the normal distance to hold a spray gun from a surface to be painted?
6 to 10 inches
What is the first step you should take in cleaning a pressure-feed spray gun?
Back up the fluid needle adjusting screw
What should you do immediately after removing the container when you are cleaning a container-type spray gun?
Fill the container with solvent
Which of the following materials should NEVER be used in standard spray gun equipment?
What type of respirator is usually used by personnel paint tanks and voids?
Air Line
When must you change the cartridge in a chemical cartridge respirator?
When you can smell paint vapors in the mask
Which of the following safety conditions must be met when personnel are painting compartments?
Compartments must be well ventilated

Personnel using spray guns must wear respirators

Electric light bulbs must not be changed in compartments where spray painting is in progress
Which of the following operations results in a first-class, professional paint job?
Proper surface preparation

Use of recommended finish

Proper application of the finish
Who is responsible for HM on board a ship?
What does MSDS stand for when you are dealing with HM?
Material safety data sheets
Which of the following departments is responsible to make the hazardous labels for the Navy?
Department of Transportation
What instruction provides the details for HM for the Navy?
How does the Naval Supply System Command distribute the data base for HM?
What is used to protect your head against blows?
Helmets and hardhats