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single factor which is tested to see its effects in controlled experiment
probe microscopes
no lenses, trace surface with tiny tip (probe)
a biologist is anyone who uses the ___to study living things
scientific method
an important goal in science is to be __
transmission electron microscope
beam of electrons, image on fluorescent screen, expose photographic film for permanent image
another name for the metric system (International system of units)
in device to spin tubes with samples to separate parts of cells (heavy at bottom)
possible explanation, preliminary conclusion, guess about some event in nature
mollecular level-
ex work with dna, molecules that control work of cells
electrical safety
scanning electron microscope
pencillike beam of electrons that scans surface of specimen & they bounce off & picked up by detectors, show realistic 3d pics of surfaces
the earth is no longer a planet without end. it is more like a __ with living cargo carrying limited amounts of supplies
limit of resolution
point where you can't see any more detail
records of observation or information
refers to an organisms ability to maintain constant or stable conditions necessary for life
heat safety
compound light microscope
uses both images to form an image, most commonly used, specimen alive,
measure of the pull of gravity on that mass
population level
groups of organisms-how interact with environment..
The single most important rule in the lab is simple:
always follow your teacher's & textbooks instructions exactly
instruments that produce larger than life pics, images, videos
experimental setup
identical to the control experiment except for one factor (the variable) to see the effects of that variable on the thing being tested
breaking apart cells in a blender
how to study science
1-not as memorization of list of separate facts
2- science is a process
global level
on global scale, effects of burning coal & oil on animals
asexual reproduciton
single organism can reproduce without the aid of another
used to remove parts of cell but also insert parts
metric system
decimal system based on certain standards and scaled on multiples of 10
cellular level-
ex-functions of different cells, effects of cells
symbols- goggles
fire safety
cell cultures
single cell in dish with nutrients for cell, cell reproduces so that the population grows
scientific method
by claude villee-observe & state problem, form hypothesis, test hypothesis, record & analyze data, form conclusion, replication of work
the prcoess by which organisms respond to stimuli in ways that keep conditions in their body suitable for life is called ___
symbol-whale shape??
animal safety
multicellular level-
changes within animals, fossils & evolution
glassware safety
electron microscopes
limit of resolution about 1000 times finer than light microscope, uses electromagnets to bend streams of electrons to form image, dead, very thin specimen, specimen in vaccuum
symbols-poison bottle
chemical safety
powerful, time-tested concepts that make useful and dependable predictions about the natural world (more than hypotheses)
length of SI
meter (m)
the word that we apply to the process ofarranging observations or tests to learn causes of natural things
scientists use the ___ of length, volume, mass, and temperature when describing experiments and data
metric system
measure of the amount of matter in an object (kg) kilogram
milli means...
one thousandth
all living things: (5 things)
1-are made of cells
3-grow and develop
4-obtain and use energy
5-respond to their environment
Scientific knowledge is a ___ body of observations
constantly changing
organisms with MANY cells
symbol-column type thing
sharp instrument safety
mass is ___ but wieght is ___
static, dynamic
volume of SI
liter (L) for liquids or the cubic centimeter (CC, or cm^3) for solids
temperature of SI
celsius scale (C) where water freezes at 0 and boils at 100.
control setup
thing in experiment which is not tested on but rather compared to with the tested thing to see the differences or similarities
symbols- eye
eye & face safety
cycle of change living things go through
goal of science
is to understand the world around us
oraganism with only one cell
sexual reproduction
requires 2 cells from different individuals unite to produce the first cell in new organism
anything in the envirionment that causes the organism to react
total sum reactions in the body-the balance of anabolism and catabolism
final breakdown of complex substances into simpler ones, usually resulting in the release of energy
process of development
the way plants obtain energy
any process in a living thing that involves putting together or synthesizing complex substances from simpler substances