Laboratory Safety Lab Report

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01. Rules and Instructions in the Laboratory

 General safety
• Do not eat, drink, and smoke inside a laboratory.(1)
• Handling contact lenses are prohibited in areas where specimens are handled.(1)
• Long hairs, ties, scarves should be secured.(1)
• Frequent hand washing is an important safety precaution.(1)
• Keep work areas clean and tidy all times.(2)
• Clean and wipe all of the work surfaces end of a experiment.(2)

 Clothing
• Lab coats should be worn in the laboratory to protect you and your clothing from contamination.(1)

• Shoes should be worn in the laboratory while doing an experiment.(1)

• Safety goggles may be worn when working with aerosols and caustic chemicals.(1)

• Gloves should be worn to work with blood samples and body fluid specimens.(1)

 Handling Equipment
…show more content… 05. Safety Storage of Chemicals
Basic rules for safe storage of chemicals;
01. Store chemicals together and away from other groups of chemicals that might cause reactions if mixed.(2)

02. Don’t simply store chemicals in alphabetical order.(1)
• Flammable materials should be stored in an approved storage cabinet or room
• Non –compatible chemicals should be stored separately.
• Liquids should be stored in unbreakable or double contained packaging.
• Store acids in a dedicated place.
• Store severe poisons in a dedicated poison cabinet.(1)
03. Chemicals should not be stored on the floor.(2)
04. Liquid chemicals should not be stored above the eye level.(2)
05. All chemicals should be labeled and dated. Look for usual conditions in chemical storage areas. (2)
06. Never store a chemical in standard refrigerator.(1)
07. Chemical storage under, over or near a sink should be avoided. Because some chemicals may cause explosion on coming in contact with water.

Figure 5.1
(Cabinet of poisonous chemicals) Figure 5.2
(room of flammable chemicals)

Figure 5.3

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